Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unemploment Benefits ..

Recently the FedEx Watch Dogs have heard of a couple of ex-employees who have been denied unemployment benefits after they have been dismissed from FedEx. One of them was from the Anaheim terminal under Mike Hutton.This employee was first suspended for taking a wrong trailer out of a yard,which did not have any freight, just junk pallets. The trailer was sealed, the driver had the right packet with the right trailer number, but was still suspended.
A week later, this driver was terminated. Not because of moving a wrong trailer, but for refusing to work! This driver had worked almost 11 1/2 hours and wasn't feeling well which he reported to clc in Whittier earlier in his shift. But this was the reason Mike gave that day.
This driver was pro-union and was singled out not only by management,but also by some fellow employees. When you are going to be behind this campaign to organize this company, make sure you tell upper management that you are for the Union and not just the workers. By letting management know how you stand on this issue, they will think twice before coming up with some trumped charges,so at less the labor laws will have a better way of protecting you.

This is not the only time this has happened, right David Chacon and Gardena?


The FedEx Watch Dogs

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Anonymous said...

It was a wrongful termination for this driver; I was a witness at the office at Anaheim svc. When the driver asked for the real reason for him being fired and Mike wouldn't shoot straight with him, and when he asked Mike if he was fired because of his union activities Mike started yelling at him to get the hell out of his office before he calls the police for trespassing. Now my question is why would Mike say to the driver he was trespassing? Mike asked him to come in for his final paycheck. Somebody at FedEx corp. needs to educate Mike Hutton on his people skills. And not act like a child who makes a big scene!!