Friday, June 27, 2008

The Truth and nothing but the Truth

This is a must read from the FedEx Mechanics Blog


Well the anti-union garbage is moving through Memphis Hub. There holding meetings that spread lies and false stories that will be proven lies.

Let me ask you why would they try so hard to keep a union out? What reason could they have? To deny you a chance to protect your jobs, keep your health care affordable, make your retirement what they had told us years ago that we would always have a great retirement.
Make the cost of retiree health card affordable.

Fact: Our retirees must pay over $800.00 a month for there medical while UPS pays $50.00 only.




Anonymous said...

Every Presidential candidate have their debates in front of the public, they hide nothing. That's Democracy where people hear both sides, this way people can decide what's in their best interest. Now why can’t FedEx allow their employees to hear both sides, debate together in front of the employees? They hide, they hide behind the blood thirsty union buster, and they can't handle the TRUTH! Or just ask your employer why not debate side by side. PASS IT ON!!!

Anonymous said...

Debate puts them at a disadvantage. They are the ones who are running the company; therefore, they will always have the upper hand (unless there is a contract).

I wish people here would stop suggesting this ridiculous idea about having a debate, having a conversation, hearing sides or indulging in some kind of conciliatory discourse. It hinders any progress we're making.

This is isn’t Viking Freight, and it isn’t a presidential election where we hear both "sides" of an issue and choose the one we prefer, and it certainly isn’t a game. This is our future.

This is a decision that we alone must make in OUR best interest, not theirs. We as workers constitute a party separate from the company, and we need to work together. So let's stop inviting these people into our decision process and let them take care of the business that they need to; they have enough on their hands running a global corporation.

We are the labor they rent, and TOGETHER we can make a difference for ourselves. This is not a proposition that suggests "us versus them," and it sure as hell isn't a please-help-us-decide-what we-are-going-to-do-for-ourselves-by-telling-us-what-concessions-you're-willing-to-make-in-exchange-for-our-good-will proposition.

This is it, people. Today is the day we ask EACH OTHER what we are willing to do for EACH OTHER. This is nothing and I mean NOTHING against the company. In fact, our job will be to make the company more money than they make now because we will be much more efficient--much more valuable to them and more importantly, each other!

I love you brothers and sisters, and I'm here for you. In return, I'm asking each and every one of you to be there for me, too. We need FedEx for employment not as friends, buddies, and advisors. Those are our responsibilities to each other.