Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Joe Nuno said...

Good for this combo driver, by putting your heads together things can be accomplish.
When you discuss your case with the union, being you and the rest of the employees at FedEx who stands up for their Rights are the union!
Working with the Teamsters gives you the Rights to prove your innocent to the company, especially with over power authority managers that go over the company’s policy rules. Managers that take revenge acts just because an employee believes in unionism doesn’t gives him the rights to fired this individual, he has every Rights to discuss about what the union ( the employees ) can do by using your labor Rights. This has always been your American Rights (the law of the land).
Having no union gives you no Rights and your voice could be silenced, I know a brother at FedEx that was fired for a reason (not going into details) but he discuss this with So. Regional manager and told him that he was innocent, but So. Regional told him to appeal his case and he would review it.
But we all know the review he will have, managers of service center and human resource against 1 employee, a lost case (at will employee).
Why give control to the union? Because you and the rest of the employees are the union, you have a better chance to present your case to a Labor Judge or an Arbitrator to review your notes and also review company side of story, this is Democracy!!
Management people are first at FedEx Freight, we the people employees (the union people) are always last. Did the employee have democracy about the pension choice, or our medical going up? Did you vote for your pension funds to be frozen?
What about the hostlers having no choice, they must obtain a CDL now, if they don’t obtain a CDL they will become part time employees, and full time dock workers are heading in that direction too. Where is the democracy here?
Be involve and stay informed, listen to what the company offered, and then listen to what the Teamster have to offered, compared apples to apples. And don’t let the company intimidate you, you have every rights!
Tom Suchevits if you are going to write this lies about Employee free choice act, please allow me to arrange an employees meeting to discuss your misinformation about the unions, accept this challenge. You Tom Suchevits and James P. Hoffa, at a Teamsters hall or a service center and speak freely in front of us employees (the union).
My brother and sister of FedEx Freight please write to Tom Suchevits and ask him to accept this challenge or better yet make a petition for an employees meeting at every service center with Tom from Human Resource and James P.Hoffa, lets stop the lies and stop taking away our benefits, and tom you know unionfacts and unionfreeamrica are built by union busters just like you.


Anonymous said...

I am tired of the confusion put forth by management they need to tell us the truth and quit lying. If they don't want to keep giving us benefits and treat us like trash then do it and we will go Union. Maybe we should just go Union anyways so that they won't be able to harass us and intimidate us like they do now. Unions don't let companies run over their employees like Fedex runs over us.

Anonymous said...

Lets meet in the OC 952 style.

Anonymous said...

I wish Jimmy Hoffa would come to the terminals and put these clown management in their place trying to pick on employees like in Whittier where there has been a red eye all week. They are probabaly thinking how many people they can get rid off an how much money they will save on firing people. When is the meeting at 952?

Anonymous said...


In the news today:

Wal-Mart denies that it told employees how to vote

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, denied a report Friday that it had pressured employees to vote against Democrats in November because of worries that a bill the party supports would make it easier for workers to unionize.

The measure, called the Employee Free Choice Act, would allow labor organizations to unionize workplaces without secret ballot elections. It was co-sponsored by Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, and opposed by John McCain, the presumed Republican nominee.

A report in The Wall Street Journal said the Bentonville, Ark.-based discounter — which has rigorously resisted being unionized — had held mandatory meetings with store managers and department supervisors in recent weeks to warn that if Democrats take power in November, they would likely push through the bill, which the company says would hurt workers.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dave Tovar told The Associated Press that the company did discuss the bill with its employees, including what it sees as the negative impact, and noted that the company's stand on the legislation is no secret.

"We believe the Employee Free Choice Act is a bad bill and we have been on the record as opposed to it," he said.

But he said the company wasn't advocating that its employees vote against backers of the legislation.

"If anyone representing Wal-Mart gave the impression... they are wrong and acting without approval," said Tovar. In fact, he said that Wal-Mart has been working with both Republicans and Democrats.

"Half of our (political action committee) contributions are to members of each party," Tovar said. "We regularly educate our associates on issues which impact our company, and this is an example of that."

The reported actions by Wal-Mart raised concerns among labor groups that the company, the nation's largest private employer with 1.4 million workers, has the power to exert influence in the elections.

"They're trying to bully the American political" scene, said Stewart Acuff, assistant to the president of the AFL-CIO, the nation's largest labor organization.

Wal-Mart may also be on thin ice as federal election rules allow businesses to push for specific political candidates to shareholders, executives and salaried managers, while prohibiting such actions for hourly workers, which typically include department supervisors.

The Wall Street Journal cited about a dozen unidentified Wal-Mart employees who had attended such meetings in seven states as saying they were told that employees at unionized shops would have to pay big union dues while not receiving any benefits in return.

Furthermore, workers said they were told that unionization would mean job losses as costs rise, according to the report. The report said the Wal-Mart human resource managers who held the meetings didn't specifically tell the employees how to vote, but made it clear that a Obama victory would mean unionization.

Wal-Mart Watch, a union-backed group that has criticized the company for what it calls skimpy pay and benefits and poor treatment of its workers, said in a statement that the article "demonstrates once again that Wal-Mart intimidates its workers." The group, which supplied some of the sources to The Wall Street Journal, said the stories cited in the article are "consistent" with numerous reports it has received in the past week.

The development deals a blow to Wal-Mart's reputation just as the company has started seeing its image improve and criticism diminish as it works to improve benefits and push through its "Save money, live better" campaign.

In a session with reporters after the company's annual shareholders meeting in June, Wal-Mart President and CEO Lee Scott said Wal-Mart was comfortable working with either presidential candidate. In the past, Wal-Mart had lined up with the Republicans. But the company's message of environmental sustainability, its program to offer $4 prescription drugs and improved benefits for workers helped move the company to the political center.

"We stand ready to work with the new Congress and whoever is elected (president)," Tovar said Friday.

Anonymous said...

"If they don't want to keep giving us benefits and treat us like trash then do it and we will go Union. Maybe we should just go Union anyways so that they won't be able to harass us and intimidate us like they do now."

Why threaten them? This is nothing personal. Business is business, and they make more profit by paying us less. That isn't an opinion; it's a fact. I can understand that, and you should understand it as well.

Our decision should not and must not depend on anything they say or do. Think about it, if it does, then all they would need to do is promise the moon, and we will sell ourselves out again. In short, I do not intend to make my decision based on what they say, a barbeque they give, or a contest they have.

Are we going to be serious about organizing and assuring our survival as workers? Or are we going to stick our tongues out at the company and tell them to give us what we want or we'll get the union after them?

Talk is cheap and a waste of our time. With every passing hour, we lose more and more.

Anonymous said...

"I wish Jimmy Hoffa would come to the terminals and put these clown management in their place..."

Why don't we just grow a pair and fight for ourselves instead of always looking for someone to take care of us, e.g. the company or the Teamsters?

With all this "wishing" going on, it's no wonder they think they're dealing with a bunch of people who won't stand up for themselves.

The union is the membership. WE are the ones who will have to fight for ourselves. Jimmy Jr. isn't going to come in swinging.

Anonymous said...

We better unite under the Teamsters or we will all be subject to a major re-alignment of our job descriptions and/or LOSS OF YOUR JOB!
All this in the name of the sacred-BOTTOM LINE.
Forget that we were/are responsible for the success of FEDEX Freight every time we pick up or deliver a customer's shipment.
That doesn't matter.If 2 cents can be added to the bottom line so Mr Smith & Duncan and others can take the opportunity to -through insider trading- rape the company of 31 million dollars.
Check it out for yourself:Search,Fedex Insider Trading.Fact not hearsay.
The last of the spirit of VIKING FREIGHT is being murdered before our eyes.
We're just numbers now-that's it and a replacable number at that.
They hope you'll quit-MORE $$$$$ for the bottom line.
I refuse to merely watch while they ruin what we have worked since 1966 to build.
As most of you who know me will recall that in the past I didn't see a need for a union.I DO NOW!!!
Don't Shoot the Messenger

Anonymous said...

Fedex Freight & Teamsters

We must unite with the Teamsters to protect our jobs and the standard of living we have worked to establish.
All Fedex Freight is interested in is the bottom line.
ANYTHING they can do to enhance it they will, this includes turning your standard of living to that of a 3rd world country.
Most of you are aware of whats happening,for those who don't here's a real live example (verifiable).
A Petaluma employee with 20 plus years of service was informed that:1,Get your drivers license,2,go part time with NO BENEFITS or 3, Quit (which they actually hoped he would option for) . He opted for part time. I will provide his name once I get his approval.
This is happening at all the terminals.However,management is reporting it as rumor with no factual basis.Pesky line and combo drivers report the facts.
This is happening and will only get worse.
For line drivers,go to the Fedex website at the terminal.
Go to Fedex Freight East
Go to drivers Manual
Go to Section 13 & 14.
Read about how you are goingto DONATE 30 minutes of." FREE TIME", and work the dock.
Some of this will not withstand legal scrutiny but it will be implimented.
For me I sell Fedex Freight my time and expertise and I will not donate either of them.
I will challenge any attempts to influence me to do otherwise.
What really ticks me off is that Mr. Smith,Duncan and a few other executive officers through INSIDER TRADING ,around June 1st traded in stock for about 31 MILLION Dollars.
The day after the stock began to tumble.Did YOU get a phone call to sell your stock ? I didn't.
Then they preach morals and ethics and doing the right thing. And deliver the purple promise while we get the purple shaft.
Those that know me have heard me say in the past that we didn't need a union.Well the mark of a lucid person is one that sees the need for change.I see the need now!!
If you are a person who leads now is the time to do so.If you are a follower ,get in line.If yo think everything is ok-Get Out Of THE WAY.

irudedog said...

Just look at the video to the right of this blog site. Jimmy says he is cominng!