Sunday, July 20, 2008

Changes Coming Quick To Fedex Freight West

There are changes coming to the western division of FedEx Freight. And we will keep you informed on these changes when we get the full picture.
To read what some drivers are reporting across the country go to:


Anonymous said...

John Hinckley visited Whittier today and told us at Whittier that class 3,4,5 service centers all hostlers and full time dockworkers will be forced to get their class a driver's liscense or lose their benefits. Class 2 and 1 service centers the hostlers will have to get their class A to remain full time and he stated there would still be a need for full time dockworkers at these service centers for now. He said in 2-3 weeks some kind of numbers will come out to show how many workers ,hostler/dock, will have to get their class A at all service centers. This is a different tune Hinckley has had since a meeting during our change of operations at Whittier where he said and I quote,"There is no conspiracy to get rid of full time workers." How can we trust anything Hinckley aka Mr. X tells us. He is just looking out for himself and doesn't care or appreciate or respect the effort each of us put in on a daily basis. We need to go Union now and bring in a Union contract which will guard against bad working conditions and guard against Fedex from taking our benefits. The time to organize for power is now.

Anonymous said...

At Whittier employees are being told to hurry up and do 5000 lbs per hour or else. I don't understand why we are being told to hurry up when we are running around like a chicken with the head cut off, an injury is just bound to happen. Smooth move Fedex management.

irudedog said...

Why are combos pounds per hour being posted on the dispatch window at SBO? Shouldn't that information be between supervisors and the employee? Is this managements way to embarrass and intimidate certain people?
Why doesn't the TM post names of supervisors who have lost their abloy key once or twice, (and then blame dockworkers for losing them, like at Wht), already since this locking system has started.

The Time To Organize Is NOW !

Anonymous said...

I tell you what Friday will be the day the AXE swings in the southern Region.

WHT/FTA/SBO- Full time dock workers will be told Dock worker positions are Part Time.

What about all the dock workers who transferred to SBO from WHT. They will be moved to PART TIME?

Does anyone see what they are doing? It's out of John Hinckley's Control--He's just the messenger.

All these decisions are being made by the Big Wigs in Harrison.

Now think about the PEOPLE who will suffer the most?? Full time dock workers who depend on this company--take the Average length of service for these Full Time Employees Probably about 10-17 years. These people have Families, Kids, House payments.

But Remember People First--No it's more like FedEx First and then Profit and then People.

So why should anyone who's being forced to go part time even work for this company anymore?

The time is now. We need more people to join together.

Anonymous said...

Answer me this? Why is it Assistant SCMs and SCMs have to have a company car. With all the cutbacks going on why is it necessary for them to have a company car. That is money that could be used for something else. The only thing they use this car for is tooling around town. How often is it that they go see a customer? Answer almost never. This is a ridiculous expense when they are talking about taking away things from employees who actually work for a living in the yard and on the dock and not just answer emails all day and stay in their offices away from the employees they treat like crap.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the SCM and ASCM's Company Cars will be parked as of Jan 1st 2009.

Here's a question?

They are telling us we need to get CDL's well how long will I have to wait to get in a class to get my CDL? So I will be part time until I take the class with my DT? Then they will make me Full Time again?

Has anyone seen the cobra prices for Medical? I hear it's 1300 a month for an employee and his family.

It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed that SLO has laid off 3 of their 9 dockworkers. Also 6 full timers in SLO were told that they must be drivers to keep their benefits. 3 took the class and the other three quit to look for a better job.

Anonymous said...

At Whittier PM operation manager was overheard telling other employees that "The employees want a Union because they (full timers) will probably lose their benefits."
Believe me we will go Union and Whittier will be the first service center to go Union if we lose our benefits. Win together or lose together.

Anonymous said...

im a line driver in the n.w i go threw portland terminal boise spokane an all the rest in the n.w an all the drivers an dock workers an others are fed up with fedex now is the time to get the union in here every one is ready to vote. they keep taking an taking from the workers an every one wants the union. workers in tacoma seattle have been meeting with the lacol teamster an are trying to get something going union a good change for fedex not the change the keep using for the reason to keep sqruing us lets all get in vauled an make a change.if you wish to comment on this you can address me as sea-tac

Anonymous said...

The way employees get treated at Fedex is terrible. Taking away employees benefits. Reddaway and Saia aren't doing that to their employees why is Fedex the only company taking away benefits holiday pay from employees what a greedy company. If a Union was there then the Union would help safeguard benefits and not allow Fedex to take them away from longtime employees. A Uion would also obtain benefits for part time workers and not let them get jerked around either. No suprise Fedex is full of more employee abuse. The time for Union is now.

Anonymous said...

The seed is growing and about to smother all FedEx Employees. In RENO on Friday July 25th, 2008, all the fulltime dock workers who have or not have agreed to apply for the CDL improvements were cut to 5.5 hours per day. They have been instructed to contact their Service Center Manager, Operations Manager, Dispatcher, or Dock Supervisor before each shift to determin their outcome for the days activities. Most of these dock workers have been with the company (Viking) for 10-15 years. This can only be the beginning, for I suspect they will soon be working on the P&D Drivers as well as the Assigned Line Drivers. Our yard dogs have been cut to (2) for the AM shift and (2) for the PM shift. And by the way, they have also been cut back to 5.5 hours per shift. All the P&D drivers when returning to the terminal, now back singles into dock location. They are also required to break sets and back then as well into dock location. We have not had a meeting for 5 consecitive weeks; and , like everone else, keep hearing rumors from other employees and locations. If everone is serious about the Union, then they should be meeting with each other to determion the time to act. Waiting and talking to Management should be over, for they are not atuned to our needs, they are only responding toward their own welfare. Good luck everyone for this will not be easy.

Anonymous said...

All I can say it's not the same company I hired into.
It's sad to see so many negative
changes are being made. Company pride is gone.
These are sad times. Something positive needs to happen before
we all become victims of the new conway management team.
Thanks Fred!

Anonymous said...

The thing that Fedex Management back east need to realize is that we are people who work hard for them and even though we don't have the most glamorous job in the world we still need health and welfare to take care of ourselves and families. The Fedex Management just care about the bottom line they don't care about us workers and if they did they wouldn't keep trying to diminish our accomplishments by taking what is ours and what we have worked for. Other freight companies aren't doing this uncaring act to their employees. This is a shame that Fedex has sunk so low to try and do such a classless act to take away benefits from employees. This is why a Union would help us because a Union would help safeguard our benefits. Fedex is just looking to make money even if that means hurting their own employees whereas a Union (the Teamsters) are looking out to help the employees that is why Unions are there to help in situations just like this one.

Anonymous said...

"At Whittier PM operation manager was overheard telling other employees that "'The employees want a Union because they (full timers) will probably lose their benefits'."

When did this occur and did someone document this? I'm wondering how far back this acknowledgement of our efforts to oganize can be traced.

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting article about forming a Union. It's not as easy and doesn't happen as fast as people might think. And angry workers can be dealt with much easier than determined workers.
BBQ anyone?