Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freight Leaders Overwhelmingly Endorse Economic Relief Plan to Save Members’ Jobs

December 3, 2008
On Wednesday, December 3, leaders of freight local unions from across the country overwhelmingly endorsed an economic relief plan for the YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) companies that will protect tens of thousands of Teamster members’ jobs and their retirement security.

“Today’s overwhelming support clearly shows that local union leaders from every area of this country know how bad this recession is, and they are confident that this agreement will protect the livelihoods of our members and their families,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “No one wants to see wages get cut, but this agreement will help get the company through this deepening recession while protecting the jobs, health, welfare and pension benefits of our members.”

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At least the employees and the Teamsters are getting involved with YRC to help keep the company going. What input does FedEx want from you? We can all come to work one day and your VP could say " OK people we're giving you all a 15% cut on your wages and making you part time employees.What you say you don't approve of this ? Well that's the way its going to be and there's the door if you don't like it."


Anonymous said...

today 2drivers and 1 dockworker well basically get laid off last day is dec 22 my question is why are the traning steal if they are letting go drivers

frankiez said...

Because,they will have a driver/dock pool to choose from at A CHEAPER RATE OF PAY!!!
Then too,new blood will not have the memory of the way things were.So they'll be molded the way they want.
That is,get the purple shaft without getting any negative feedback.
Bottom line is, if we don't join the TEAMSTERS this stuff will go on all the time.

Anonymous said...

Your absolutly right Frankiez, we need the Teamsters. I hear from customers that they will start using more unionize carriers to support the middle class, because without the middle class corporate America will win. Either your rich or completly poor. Support your self and your family become a member of the Teamster and gain your power back. Kevin.F

Anonymous said...

It is reported and confirmed 5 drivers and 2 fulltime dockworkers have been laid off at WHT.

hughes said...

Also all driving earn as you learn classes have been suspended until further notice and all employees in those classes are now relegated to part time dockworkers. as info..........

frankiez said...

Hope the WEST management reads this.
Remember when we were VIKING FREIGHT SYSTEM? We had a policy of no layoffs.You were asked to cut a trip or take a day off so another Viking could work.And,we did.That policy worked from 1966 until the micromanagers-concerned ONLY about their numbers looking good,their bonuses and of course their golden parachutes took over.
We enjoyed being VIKINGS and part of the spirit that built up around its,"System".That spirit helped us capture 22% of the freight in our market.
Even through the mismanagement of those turbulent years from the time we were sold and Fedex purchased us,we maintained the,"SYSTEM",and grew and remained profitable.In spite of the management(Mr. Sullivan-a whole new subject) attempting to point the finger of blame at us for their corporate voodoo not working.We maintained in spite of managements failed policies.
Indeed, the reason (at least one of)Mr. Smith purchased us is because we were PROFITABLE.
Now to the present.We're down to 16% market share-their numbers not mine.Profitable?Don't know,we're not privy to that type of information.That is ,all we know is what they tell us.
Then too,our system doesn't work any more;because,it may not add 2 cents to the bottom line.
It is being replaced by a system that,while it might work for them,is not working in the WEST.Witness what is taking place throughout the WEST and you'll see its failures for yourself.
Yet, we still maintain the spirit of the Viking Freight System.Perhaps this will all come to past and we'll return to those days when we enjoyed coming to work.Doubt it though.It appears that the management is on a path of destruction and nothing is going to stop it.
We'll have the memory of what it was, however the memory of the lives destroyed from the mismanagement may make it a nightmare.
Solice may be found in the fact that just about all of corporate management-at least the upper levels- are inept at making copmpanies profitable and survivable.Except for the abovve mentioned perks.
Where does that leave us?
At managements discretions or plotting our own course for survival?
Individually you don't stand much of a chance.It will work out but not to your advantage.
That is why we need representation through the TEAMSTERS.
One positive aspect of all this corporate mismanagement/greed is a resurgance of the LABOR movement in this country.If for no other reason to counter the corporate ineptness.
To WEST management.Rejoin the team.
Speak up.We're tired of you parroting the."This is the way the EAST does it".When you see it doesn't work.
Want to be an industry leader?Not following the herd may be one way to accomplish your goals.