Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadline Extended to January 6 for YRCW Modification Vote

December 27, 2008
Members Have More Time Due To Number of Requests, Change In Company Plan
(Washington, D.C.) – Due to a high volume of ballot requests from affected members, the company’s change in plans to gain financial stability which eliminates a December 31, 2008 deadline, holiday mail volume and bad weather that shut airports, the Teamsters Union is extending voting on the YRCW modifications until Tuesday, January 6. Ballots will be picked up at the post office at 10 a.m. on January 6 and will be counted later that day.

The original timeline of December 31, 2008 agreed to jointly during negotiations, was extended after YRCW announced on December 24 it was cancelling its tender offer for certain outstanding bonds and is renegotiating its credit facilities. The company will not have to spend $150 million to purchase about $310 million worth of senior notes and will instead renegotiate the terms of its debt with its banks. The union believes this path offers a move viable long-term recovery plan.

YRCW said it was pursuing the new strategy in part because the Teamster membership had not yet ratified the contract modifications. The union was proceeding with ratification on the schedule that was jointly agreed to and dictated by the now-aborted tender offer. Since the company’s recent decision provides more flexibility, the union is extending the balloting deadline. The Teamsters Union is committed to ensuring that all affected members have the opportunity to vote and is encouraging members to participate in this decision that will affect their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their families.

Original Post at Teamster.org

Note from the FedEx Watch Dogs:

See what we mean that the YRC employees have a voice in decisions that concerns their future in their company. What choice did you have, FedEx employee ?? Oh right ... NONE!

The Time To Organize Is Now!
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Anonymous said...

Out of all these UNION guys the UPS guys are the only one's who will probably get a Pension!!

Hey Mr. Zunt--Why not tell us what happened when UPS bought out of the Union Pension fund?

Better yet can anyone tell me what happened to the money UPS paid??

After the union cashed the check they were still 30-40 percent UNDERFUNDED...

Does someone have a Dollar amount UPS paid to get out of the Union pension plan?

Oh yeah--FRANK Z--Shut up and DRIVE. Take off that sill Golf Hat too.

Third Floor Mgr SBO.
Publish Reject

Anonymous said...

Well 3floor;You're covering old news.
Oh,parden me ,is this the way the EAST does it?
About UPS being the only one to get a pension,may I suggest you visit Truckingboards.com,Union/Nonunion blog and read the responses to the pension queries.
Or perhaps you're a bit envious because your pension (and mine) sucks.
For your information,I drank the Viking and Fedex (Purple) Kool Aid until they began-noticeably-to treat us like expendable work units.Then I investigated and found out that life could/is much better with Teamster members.
Came late to the party but I came and don't hid in the shadows and don't hesitate to IDENTIFY myself.
Oh,pardon me again,We're using the EAST method of operation now.
Well check with your supervisor and see what you should do now.If he/she is in doubt check back EAST they have all the answers.At least that's what they tell us.
Isn't free speech a wonderful thing.
As to my,"shut up and drive",being as modest as I can,I do a better job driving than you do blogging.
Did you steal company time to do this?
If so I'll have to turn you in-it's the way the EAST does it.Nothing personal.
Your next response will probably go something like this,"If it's so bad here why don't you go somewhere else?".
You see 3floor some things are worth fighting for.Talk to your older relatives some of them stood up and fought injustice.That's why you and I can have this dialog without fear of recrimination.
See you -perhaps -in court.
aka frankiez

frankiez said...

Hello;3floor-aka Xman?-
Thinking about it,perhaps you should volunteer to have another5,10,or 15% reduction of you pay.Or you under CONTRACT?You know what a contract is,same thing the Teamsters negotiates for us.
Why?If all you have to do us surf the net and posit feeble responses to blogs you're definitely overpaid.Or as mentioned previously,are you stealing time?
Then too,if this is a sanctioned effort by corporate you are dangerously close to violating federal law.That is harassing and/or discriminating against me because of my PRO-UNION activities.
Being fair,a copy of,or a record of all communications are forwarded to my attorney (same one as in the pending case # 107CV088145 in Santa Clara County).
Geez,remember 3floor(aka Xman)when we could resolve our differences mono et mono;just you and me in conversation with each other?Those were the days weren't they.We greeted each other cheerfully.Resolved any disputes/grievances almost on the spot.Ah,for a return of those good old days.
Now we have to have coaching sessions(formerly reprimands-tomorrow ?)
Well,3floor(aka Xman)I (we) haven't changed the work environment has.Corporate has decreed that we become merely work units to be utilized,exhausted and discarded as cheaply as possible.
You,in your heart of hearts probably do not agree with it.However,you need your job and since the allure of being in management mandates you carry out THE POLICY you do.
For these reasons-and many more being provided by the company-we,the employees of this once proud and profitable company need TEAMSTERS representation.
Other than that everything is just great.
Oh,yeah the silly golf hat thingy.
It ain't a golf hat,usually worn by stevedores on the EAST coast-little hint of my background.
Then too suggest you check my medical records.Quite revealing.
Finally,since fraternization is forbidden between management and employees we'll have to attempt to resolve our differences via this blog and/or e-mail rather than going out for a drink or brewsky after work.I don't mind either way.

frankiez said...

The attached article is interesting in that 77% of the TEAMSTERS voted yes to help YRC navigate these troubled times.
So much for labor being GREEDY malcontents only interested in their own welfare.
Teamsters bailout to YRC happened in spite of YRC's inept management.
The management's ill conceived and obviously incorrect decisions put them in this situation.
Yet they have the luxury of getting bailed out by the very people the denegrate almost on a daily basis.
Examples of just two companies that aren't in need of a financial life preserver-UPS & ABF.Two well run and managed UNION companies.Not on the current and popular-perhaps ego motivated-acquisition trail.In short LEVERAGING one company to purchase another.Not my theory,rather the plastic heads on Wall Street.
Then too I remember a non-union company that would have made the same sacrifices to save THEIR company.That company-VIKING FREIGHT SYSTEM.
Of course it wasn't necessary because it was well managed and had the cooperation of it's TEAM (employees).
Now we are merely labor to the management and are to be treated accordingly.No matter how much they attempt to indicate otherwise,we are a liability to them.
Finally,thank a Teamster for making the sacrifice to save a company.Without US there is no company.
Ya reading this 3floor (aka Xman).
Article attached:

Anonymous said...

i need help, i dont know if the teamsters are for me so i wonder if anyone can help me? what can the teamsters help me in? what is it that they can give us or better us in ? i mean it cant be better pay if some teamsters are taking pay cuts , i would really be grateful to any info you can provide me

worried employee

frankiez said...

To,"Worried Employee",
Yes the Teamsters can help us.How? By preventing the company from treating us as they wish i.e.cutting hours,job class,benefits,and quite a few other areas of protection.
How? Because we will be under CONTRACT.A contract that wiil prevent the company from treating us like indentured servants.
Suggest you seek out the Teamster's organizer at your facility that person can answer any questions you have.
Then too if you haer of an organizing meeting taking place-attend it.Ask questions.Give you input.We need you for this movement.
If nothing else you will be treated fairly and with respect.Unlike the current treatment you are receiving from Fedex.

Anonymous said...

Worried Employee; Frankiez is right about having a contract. This is put together by you and me and the rest of the brothers and sisters of FedEx, you as an employee will have an input. We as employees will create a working condition contract, and not this chicken- shit work rules that harrison arkansa has created. Just take a look around your center and look at your fellow mates and hear their problems, and their loss of income and the possibility of losing their homes, but does the managers of FedEx cares? NO. Does management care about your family having Medical Benefit? NO, especially employees that were full time dockworks and now they are part timers. But for now we must follow their rules untill we have union representation. Now more than ever we must stick together and demand our Rights, fair wages, demand a fair pension paid thru FedEx.