Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Notice Board: Rick Berman

Rick Berman is a notorious lobbyist hell-bent on keeping a subservient workforce. He is founder of various anti-worker front groups like the Center for Union Facts and the Employee Freedom Action Committee.

Berman’s “astroturf” groups are meant to look like true grassroots organizations but are really just front groups for corporate lobbyists and big business special interests.

Playing loose and dirty with the facts is Berman's favorite tactic. Berman routinely misinterprets data, grossly exaggerates, and offers dubious statistics to further the agenda of his corporate clients.

While Berman may appear as a ringleader in the public attacks of those who support unions and defend workers' rights, the corporations he represents are ultimately responsible. As momentum for the Employee Free Choice Act increases, Berman will likely continue shilling his anti-union services to those employers who don't want to pay their workers a livable wage, provide health care, or help them pursue the American Dream.

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