Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Managers Never Learn

Paul F. a dispatcher at our Whittier Svc. Ctr. was caught intimidating an employee who was at the Rally outside the terminal this past Thursday. The employee came in the next morning and asked for his paycheck and Paul said that his check was not here. The employee notice that both dispatchers were laughing as he walked away. Guessing they pulled a fast one on him.

Well Paul, did Andy say it was ok to intimidate pro-union employees or did you think of this on your own? If you are acting as an agent for the company you can get in very big trouble with the NRLB and if you were acting on your own the company doesn’t have to back you up at all. So be careful. The people, who you think are behind you, just might leave you hanging!



Anonymous said...

Typical Paul Freyre behavior! Trying (key word is TRYING) to intimidate an hourly employee. But what else would you expect from a supervisor who takes dozens of "smoke-breaks" a day, or numerous breaks to play foosball or pool in the breakroom, but has the nerve to call the drivers who wait for him to get off his butt and give the "pre-shift" meeting at the time-clock TIME THEIFS. Paul, you need to look in the mirror before you accuse anybody else of stealing company time.

This is just another reason we need the Teamsters in there to watch out backs, for "bullies" (and I use the term loosely since Paul isn't actually a bully, more like a coward who hides behind his position) like Paul Freyre.

Anonymous said...

I thought Paul was too busy stealing company time, err ahh smoking and playing foosball, to even care!!

Anonymous said...

It was very disturbing for me lately to discover this fact. I was talking to fellow drivers and they told me because of their reduced work schedule they now are working another job to support their family. It was sad hearing the stories of how their wives have to go take their kids to softball and baseball and they as fathers could not attend these practices for financial reasons. Fedex has cut back so much that now these men have to get second jobs. It is very depressing and the economy as a whole has dropped into a huge rut. Fedex however is taking advantage of this sluggish economy and now furthtering the east agenda and reducing benefits and jobs. A furlow is the same as a layoff and when these managers try to paint such a distorted picture saying Fedex is doing well and all of this jargon it is very disturbing to me. My wish is for Fedex to go Union with the Teamsters. This is something Fedex should've done a long time ago to better the futures of our employees and to help those who need help the most working families.

frankiez said...

This HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED,thus a rumor.
Heard from a reliable source this a.m.(2/4/09)that a linedriver in WHT was attempting to use the restroom while,"on the clock",and was informed by ? that that function was to attended to BEFORE you check in.
Well this smacks of Gestapo tactics.
The remedy? Contact the ,"In Touch",number,register the complaint and see what happens.Simultaneously,contact HR IN WRITING and convey the same message to them.THEN-most importantly contact the ACLU and the state of California Labor Board-ALL IN WRITING,appraise them of what transpired.
Of course always get names and other pertinent information to help convey your case.In a word DOCUMENT-DOCUMENT-DOCUMENT-THEY ARE.
Anyone with verifible information on this incident please communicate it to this blog or Frankiez @ imfrankiez@verizon.net or anyone else you feel will take appropriate action.
I'm not willing to live in a police state or COMPANY-and no I'm not going anywhere else.Beginning to enjoy this.
FRANKIEZ-3foor (aka Xman) you listening?

Anonymous said...

that good for nothing back up they have is mean too

Anonymous said...

Greg Faith pulled this same employee into his office today to harass him while he was on the clock! Isn't it against the law to question him about the union on company time??? I guess Fedex just does what ever they want.

Anonymous said...

Luis Herrera and Jeff are at the harssing game again? I thought this would've stopped by now. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

last friday i was i the parking lot talking to two drivers,and what happens the evening dispatcher call one of them on his personal cell phone.what was his message walk away from me and don't listen to me.i thought managers weren't supose to choose sides that it's OUR decision to organize.

irudedog said...

Time for us to stand up and report these violations to the NRLB! This is only the beginning. Look who's doing the harassaments now. Not Andy or Greg. It's lower managers doing their dirty deeds. But that's ok. Push these fools infront of the labor board and watch them start singing!

Anonymous said...

Paul fryer must have great protection from Andy and Greg, I would guarantee if I cuss at a customer like paul did, I would be fired on the spot.

Anonymous said...

the back up that is in dispatch also trys to push drivers around, i guess he is getting taught well

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct that you would be fired on the spot if you cussed or used profanity at a customer. But it's okay for one of the Red Shirts to consistently use profanity towards the hourly employees ALL THE TIME!

Congratulations Andy/Greg, you let this unprofessional golem go on unpunished, and now you will reap what you sew, the Teamsters representing the employees of FedEx Freight!

For the guys who think the "good for nothing" back-up is trying to push people around, you need to nip this in the bud and let him know that he CANNOT treat/talk to you that way! Do NOT hesitate to use the hotline (funny how "leadership" failed to bring this to our attention).


Anonymous said...

"Look who's doing the harassaments now. Not Andy or Greg. It's lower managers doing their dirty deeds."

Don't look at these people as lower managers; look at them as agents of the company. Keep in mind that every action they make is sanctioned by their bosses.

They have permission from the company to say and do whatever actions they make. In fact, FedEx is so touchy about lawsuits (as they are involved in so many) that these "lower managers" must ask permission before they act. And it is very important to realize that somebody gives them that permission.

If I were a ghost from the past, I'd say, "Drop the crates and park the trucks! We've had enough!" It worked in the thirties, and it will work now.

And I'd try to make it clear that the company would be obligated by law to bargain with us.

And then I'd say, "Don't be afraid, brothers and sisters. The threat of them shutting the doors is no different than the worry that you will be the next one to lose your insurance, vacation, hours, and self-respect. Everybody's head is on the chopping block, and nobody is too special to be the next one who gets cut."

Anonymous said...

Andy is complaining that he was disrespected at the gate at WHT by Union representatives and as far as I saw Andy was so scared he didn't even go outside when the Union was there. And now that the Union representatives are gone now Andy is going up to pro Union employees asking them innocently and very two faced "what's wrong? This is the greatest company in the world to work for."
Sorry to break your perception of your fantasy world but Fedex is taking all of our employee's benefits away and taking them from my friends too. and unlike other employees who try and kiss up these guys have kids and bills to pay. These brothers and sisters don't want to listen to your lies and anti Union harassment you dispense on a daily basis Andy. You can't keep harassing employees and say the harassment is justified from freedom of speech and by the way the Union hasn't left WHT. The Union is with every hourly employee on that dock in the office or driving those trucks. As Info

Anonymous said...

Makes me happy beyond belief to FINALLY see you guys @ Fedex standing up for yourselves! I recall when I used to work there and Greg would harras and question me when I was a dock/office clerk. Greg asked me one day "what are you DOING..I see you going back and forth...but WHAT is it that you do" I asked him "WHAT do YOU do and how many breaks do YOU get? I have seen you out here smoking about four or more times and me being a smoker knows the average cig. takes approx. 15 minutes to smoke...so...HOW MANY BREAKS AND LUNCHES DO YOU GET GREG"?????

His answer? "get to work"

n'uff said....I spent 10 years getting harassed...they made my life a living hell until I just up and quit one day.

Other employees told me to be careful b/c Andy had called them into his office and gave them the task of "watching" me and reporting anything they felt I was doing wrong. That place would be a great place to work if Andy and his entourage of Gustapo style management were still there.

Don't even get me started on how Greg pushed me and it was thrown under the rug or how Andy would follow me into the restroom to see if I was really using the restroom or just wasting time!

That place is a joke! Fedex needs too clean house of all the close knit management shadyness that goes on there!

Anonymous said...

Andy kicked me out of the office because he said that since I was for the Union he didn't want me around the line drivers. Sounds like a labor law violation to me. I should contact the labor board.