Thursday, April 9, 2009

frankiez said...

Another principle Smith applied at FedEx was to make sure every employee felt they could share in the success of the company. FedEx managers are carefully trained to ensure respect for all employees, and their performance is monitored. Mangers are evaluated annually by both bosses and workers to ensure good relations between all levels of the company. Smith believes that fair treatment instills company loyalty, and that company loyalty always pays off.

This is a quote from the biography of Fred Smith from the Academy of Achievement(Google:Fred Smith Fedex CEO Biography)
What a hypocritical SOB this guy is,if you believe this puke after what this guy has orchestrated upon his,"loyal" employees You need a brain scan to determine what's wrong.
He'll claim the economy is dictating these drastic measures and he,no doubt, wishes he didn't have to implement them yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.
The bottom line is:FOLLOW THE MONEY.Any one who would screw their sister out of their inheritance,obviously,will not hesitate to screw you faster and better.
Is you have any seniority you'll remember that we weathered severe economic times in the past and did not have to make the drastic changes that are taking place now.
Take this from a guy with an abundance of life experience.YOU are losing ALL the advantages,benefits,dignity and respect we have gained since,at least,the 70's.
YOU are being reduced to a worker unit to be exploited then discarded at HIS(Fred's) will.HE could care less about you.This goes for 3floor(aka Xman)and his colleagues also.No one is immune.
Quit your bitching Frankiez,what's the cure?
"It's not the right time.""They'll shut the place down.""I'll join if he-they do."
Labors advances weren't accomplished when things were going well,they were gained by men and women who shouted,"ENOUGH!!!".We are tired of being treated this way.
This is not the time for the,"Sunshine Patriot"it's the time for us to unite as one through the TEAMSTERS and demand to be treated with respect and dignity with a CONTRACT that insures it.
I could go on but i think I've made my point.Now join me and other likeminded people to insure our-YOUR- future.

aka Frankiez

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Anonymous said...

I have a question for this blog site, is it appropriate for an operation manager (Chris Mirabelle) to be drinking with an employee after work?
Here is my 2nd question for Human Resource (Nathan). Is it appropriate for an operation manager like Chris Mirabelle to be wearing his uniform while drinking alcohol down the street?
And if so why are we getting punish for their mistake?