Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Mike Zanolli ...

Well it’s been a year since Mike had told a group of employees at our Fresno hub that "Rudy and Joe don't know what the "F" they're talking about!"

A lot has happened since then. Full-time dockworkers, drivers, hostilers, clericals, and line drivers, have become part-time employees. They are losing money, medical benefits and jobs. Employees losing their jobs by departments with 25 years plus, because seniority doesn't mean CRAP here!

Even managers are beginning to worry about their own jobs now! Talk about the "shoe being on the other foot now".

But go ahead Mike; tell them also that "Rudy and Joe don't know what the "F" they're talking about!" I doubt they will believe you now.


ricky said...

zanolli is just another line of hypocrisy in fedex freight. another guy who lies continually when he himself is scared he will not have a job as friday ends and his weekends begin. what a joke which has been perpetrated on the workers of viking/fedex. what a shame

Anonymous said...

A thought.
We are continually responding to what,"THEY",said or done.
That's important since it communicates to all of us what is transpiring at Fedex.
Having said that,now-more than ever-is the time we must gather all the information we laerned from these blogs and other sources and formulate a plan to counter them.
In short we must UNITE to save our jobs and way of life.
The best way to accomplish this is through TEAMSTERS membership.
This will unite us under a contract that will preserve and protect what we have worked so hard for in the past.

Frank Zunt
aka Frankiez

Anonymous said...

in order to get this done we need to be on the same page so when is the next meeting. maybe these people have seen the light now and more are willing to show that they really do care about their jobs and benefits and quality of life. it's about time brothers.

Anonymous said...

From frank Zunt(aka Frankiez)

I'm sad,and, reluctantly,say,"I told you so".
That all that is happening was predicted by me and others attempting to organize us into TEAMSTERS membership.
Theres a story,saying, quip,I'm sure you heard.If not here it is(paraphrasing).
I didn't worry when they came to take my country-wasn't my problem,things will work out.
Didn't bother me when they eliminated a class/race of people-wasn't mine-I survived.
Not my problem they removed our jobs to third world countries.I still drive on U.S highways.
A little concerned that they are eliminating jobs/benefits at______(fill in the blanks).I'm still trucking.
Hey!!! Wait a minute;this morning I had my hours/benefits cut.Oh well,got plenty to do around the house.
Does anybody know how I can apply for unemployment benefits?
TEAMSTERS membership could/would eliminate stories like this with a contract to INSURE that we wouldn't be treated like this.
It's not about YOU as an individual,it's about ALL of us protecting what we have worked so hard for over the past 30-40 years.
Each generation has a duty to the past generation to protect and preserve what that generation has secured for us.
We also have a duty to the next generation to do the same.In addition,we must secure and insure that our children will have a better place in which to live and work.How? Through maintaining what has been secured for us in the past and building upon it for those future generations.
"You're over the top Frankiez".A bit extreme."I just can't believe it,not in this country-company".
Oh yeah.Go to Fedex Freight section,go to the Layoffs by terminal section and witness how wrong I and others like me are.
YOU and ALL of us must stand up against what is happening to us.Or perhaps explain to your children why you cannot provide for them.After all they haven't come for you-YET!

Anonymous said...

From: Frank Zunt(aka Frankiez)
To: Mike,John,Russ,et al
"But the reason YRC is in this position is because of its ill-timed and narrowly thought-out acquisitions of both Roadway and USF Corp;., which has saddled YRC with huge amounts of debt that it can barely service. It would not have been able to do that without assets sales that yielded $128 million last year with another $250 million expected this year.
It's fortunate for YRC that it has these presumably excess assets to sell. But there comes a time when that hits a wall, and YRC has to make it operationally and financially on its own. That time, it would appear, is now."
The above is excerpted from an article/analysis on
It focuses on the problems at YRC and the genesis of those problems,namely Bill Zollars.
Thus,Mike, if Joe and Rudy don't know what the f#8@k their talking about,Mr Zollars should be taken in for observation to determine his competency to be CEO of YRC.
Obviously HE doesn't know what the f^*#k he's talking about.
My point? While we,at our level of responsibility,don't have the time nor inclination to delve into the finer points of corporate finance/operations it appears that those charged with that task are glaringly inept.
Thus when your ineptness collides with our compentency we need a contract to protect us from you and your colleague's mismanagement.
That's why we need a Teamsters Union at Fedex Freight
P.S. The current analysis of Fedex isn't that glowing(see Wolfe Research for one such analysis).
From a guy who knows somewhat what the f$#&k he's talking about keep your resume' updated;however,unlike Keith Lovetro I would stay away from YRC if your reputation means anything to you.
May I suggest ABF and UPS two well managed TEAMSTER UNION companies.
Hope you don't hear in the near future a conversation that begins with,"Mike,John,Russ after careful analysis of our goals and operational situation we've determined that you no longer....
Then see how it feels.
We're still the same people-are you?