Saturday, June 27, 2009


We were asked to add a link for our "UNINSURED" employees. This will make a statement to our show management
that the people who lost benefits are not just a number. These employees had their benifits ripped out from underneath them. This is also for the employees who wish to
support the "UNINSURED" employees by wearing them.

Thank to for this link.

The FedEx Watch Dogs


Anonymous said...

i remember the day that Tito Ayala was fired by Mike Hutton. Tito's insurance was cut by Fedex HR the next day he was fired he found out the hard way when he went to buy medicine for his a part timer dock driver also with no benefits for my family,tha's why we needs the Teamsters here in WHT OXN ANH SDO SBO IVN SFV LOS GAR FTA OTM BKF this time is Tito and I next time could be you do not trust FEDEX MANAGEMENT. from a proud pro union driver from LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA.

Anonymous said...

Remember Mike Caceres asking employees and drivers about Tito's Union involvement.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Tito used to walk in dispatch David Castaneda Mike Caseres and Ralfp.they used to look down on this driver.he never got any good run they always use to send Tito to los angeles and the others prefer were runing long runs i feel sorry for this guy he was treated like s....t do not worry tito if you ever needs a witness i'll be there im sure others will help you too from a pro UNION driver SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CLIFORNIA.

the rev said...

anyone knows who ralph is from wht???his dad is a roadway union that ralph plays favoristism..everyone knows he sends his bed buddy mr sibley out everyday to do shuttle runs.even though he is a local driver.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all.

I just wish to say that there is a very strong union presence in all the yards I visit. "what's up bro or brother" has a special meaning to us all and we will show Harrison we are not playing around with our jobs, we are serious about our future and our rights as employees.
Thanks to all who share your opinions, here. Your job is something you should not fear, you should be proud of. Showing solidarity and having fair work rules, fair pay and benifits plus a decent retirement is something we all strive to obtain and deserve to have.

As for the "uninsured employees bracelet" one of our members came to us with this good idea. It shows the company the uninsured employees are real people with families. suports the rights of all employees.


Fed Up Fred

Anonymous said...

I have seen first hand Ralph from WHT harassing drivers playing favorites. Whoever kisses ass and buys him lunch gets hooked up with a good run. Also Ralph likes to hook up his buddies who also kiss ass. I have alo seen Ralph kissing ass too so I guess he knows how to do that, the one thing he does know how to do right. Just ask Mike Caceres.