Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Howard Shultz founder and C.E.O of Starbucks Coffee, Howard is also sponsoring millions of dollars for Employees Free Choice Act not to pass, why because Starbucks employees are organizing to unionize with IWW. The employees of Starbucks are also working minimum hours, why are they working 6 hours only? So Howard Shultz doesn't have to provide fringe benefits for his employees, and the only fringe benefits provided are to the store managers! Shame on you Howard, how do you sleep at night? Knowing you use your employees back to get filthy rich, and not only your employees but you dig deeply into the public (customers) pockets too, by charging those outrageous prices, just for coffee. Now brothers and sisters of FedEx Freight does this not sound familiar to us? To the brothers and sisters of our docks and hostlers of 10, 15, 20 years of service to part time, pure Corporate GREED.
So support the Employees of Starbucks by not purchasing any products of Starbucks, and support your local communities by buying your coffee from your local mom and pop donut shop. Please also support the Employees Free Choice Act, by calling or writing to your state senators to support this act, and remind them who votes and pays their salaries The Tax Payers of their state! So Howard Shultz why am I participating in this union drive? Because I am part of the Change to Win coalition group and I am helping out the union communities to save and restored our middle class in America and the American Dream in America. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Joe Nuño, Rudy Hernandez and FedEx Watchdogs.

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Anonymous said...

great idea stop buying starbucks . what do you think will happen if youstop going there , they will go out of business or they will cut more hours and lay off people , sorry dosent make sence to me like this whole thing