Friday, August 14, 2009

United We Bargain Divided We Beg

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Listen to the WISDOM of Rudedog, he is showing you the right path to a solution to get up and stand up for your rights, let your voice be heard, form and organize a union together. See the KNOWLEDGE of what a union can do for you and others, with education of our labor rights we are able to show others and open up their eyes. Once you attained the KNOWLEDGE of unionism you can sit in the round table and help negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Now when you really UNDERSTAND what a union can DO you have the power to take control and DO the right thing using your Laws, and that law as I UNDERSTAND is the U.S Constitution, the Law of the land to form a union...Now if you don't UNDERSTAND the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE here then you will always be WONDERING why, what if, what can I do now, but how?. You will always be trapped in dead zone, with no future, always from the neck down.

Joe Nuno

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frankiez said...

How true.If someone would attempt to enter your home and take away your basic rights,privilges and way of life you've worked so hard for,you wouldn't wonder why they were doing it.You would have the KNOWLEDGE to UNDERSTAND that your rights were being violated;and,you would act to preserve those rights and your way of life.There would be no wondering about what to do.Why then do you hesitate to preserve those same rights when the are blatantly being violated or taken away at your work place?You can recount here and other places on the internet,trade the injustices you and fellow workers have experienced into perpetuity but unless you and your fellow workers UNITE and ACT you will forever be WONDERING what's going to happen next.
Want to avoid the wondering?Unite to get a Teamster's contract.
Then you'll be insulated from what's happening next.