Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tracking the freight? Warning!

While the meetings in California rage onward with some progress made, a small issue will bring HUGE attention to the employees. Some of the Lordsburg, NM drivers were tracked by GPS and written up, and all the others were warned with a notice attached to their pay checks.
Two of the drivers allegedly stopped for more than 10 minutes for their break acording to management.


We all were told that the GPS is for tracking the customers freight, nothing more. As you can see these guys in corporate have no problem using the GPS against you. Why do you think that management would lie so blatantly?

These are heartless puppets who can care less about you or your safety. they speak of safety, but when it comes down to it, they would much rather write you up

Management if you have not figured it out YALL all are pathetic..

Fed Up Fred From The "" website


Ex-Hostler said...

This will never change. They will keep imposing more and more regulations until we organize and become a union. This is standard business prceedure.

If you''ll notice, they just keep making these changes and lying--neither one is against the law--because we lay down and take it. The worst that happens is somebody7 says they are stupid and refers to them as whiz ids. Honestly, that doesn't affect them in the least.

When are we going to start taking care of our own damn interests instead of bitching about these people?

Gypsy said...


They aren't using the GPS to track the freight? Say it isn't so!! Bottom line it's their little babysitter, nothing more. Wonder why they don't have a babysitter for themselves for their week long "meetings". Wonder why they waste the money for week long motel rooms, probably a per dium too. Did we pay for the drinks too that all seemed to enjoy?? The lying is beyond anything even remotely approaching decent and good. We could call anyone at Viking up to and including Randy and ask anything. If they didn't know the answer they would tell us so and get back to us. And they always got back to us. We may not have always liked the answer we got but we RESPECTED our bosses because we ALWAYS got the TRUTH from them. Lying seems to be a way of business for these guys. hate to preach but do ANY of you even know what the Golden Rule is??? This will come back to bite you in the ass, mark my words. It's real hard to be "engaged" when we have ZERO respect for your lies and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Paul Preyre he's not a clown anymore he's the new MR GPS"BABYSITTER"AT WHITTIER TERMINAL, Heard he is checking on drivers that they are taking too long delivering freight be carefull speciality if you are a pro union driver he is going to get you soon or later to all those workers misstreated by Paul Preyre you should have that letter sign and ready for MR RUDDOG to be filled to the LABOR BOARD do it for your job or your FAMILY remember that is it hard to support your family collecting unemployment if you win your case at the unemployment hearing becouse FEDEX will say anything for not paying unemployment benefits if you remember Jose Garcia from GAR was fired FEDEX deny benefits Tito Ayala from ANH Jesse Lopez WHT they took FEDEX to unemployment court and they won the money that was deny by FEDEX FREIGHT do it now like THE KING said tomorow will beee too late is now or never im a p & d ready to sign this letter see you at the next meeting in ORANGE CA LOCAL TEAMSTER 952. My wife brother is a teamster driver at UPS FREIGHT and gets good benefits speciality DIGNITY AND RESPECT at ups thats what i want for my family it is ok to leave my family alone sunday a couple hours they will understand that im doing this becouse my family also deserve DIGNITY AND RESPECT TOO.SEE YAAA SUNDAY MORNING.

frankiez said...

Maximization of managements micromanagement or as put so succinctly by a truly micromanagement manager a couple years ago,"I follow the rules!!!".Thats a direct quote from said micro manager who pounded his desk for emphasis whilst he repeated the statement several times.I know,I was there-in fact the person to whom the outburst was directed.And,yes, it was frightening.
Now to the present.If following the rules are fundamental to effective micromanagement shouldn't they be a constant and be followed by management as well as workers?Hmmmm,apparently not unless fraternization between management and workers is the exception.Obviously,that same fraternization between the WORKER and management would be a violation.Rightfully so too,how dare a lowly worker have the audacity to attempt a liaison with management-IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE RULES!!!!But,I digress,the subject is management's adherence of the RULES clearly spelled out in corporate publications.
Ahh,to the meat of the subject.
How can that same micromanager who's desk pounding emphasis for FOLLOWING the RULES be exempted from following those same rules that are to be applied equally to management as well as worker?
To quote Shakespeare,"He doth protest too much",Or at least puts up a good fascade to cover his tracks.
And,this is RUMOR,that same micromanager has established a liaison between himself and a common WORKER in CHI.Again-RUMOR- but from reliable sources.
Consequences.Even if the rumor may be baseless it should be investigated,just like baseless allegations against workers are investigated with the goal-always- to terminate said worker.Why? Just because.
Did this micromanager utilize corporate assets to establish and further his liaison?That could be telephone and/or e-mails,which could be cleverly crypted to throw off any investigation.Did he STEAL corporate TIME to have his liaison blossom into a full blown relationship?
We all know that Cupid's arrow often finds the unlikely of targets and does not subscribe to man's whims or wishes.Yet to have that arrow pierce the corporate veil is unthinkable.
Thus,I humbly submit to the upper managemaent that this situation be exhaustively investigated to insure that it is,hopefully,unsubstantiated.If it is true an example made to all -management and workers-that we must all FOLLOW THE RULES!!!.
Well,no matter how this turns out,and I sincerely hope it doesn't lead to a termination of a liaison or relationship,we must after all follow the rules.
Rules,speaking of them,a Teamster's CONTRACT would provide a mechanism to protect us against warrantless allegations.At least that's what the micromanager will want you to believe.