Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FedEx Canada Worker Message


Anonymous said...

We also need a messege from the fedex freight watch dogs and the teamsters to the fedex national brothers and sisters im very happy for our brothers and sisters from YRCW now with their help we will organize our company fedex freight there will be no more lies from fedex management about YRCW closing their doors be ready fedex management uncle Fred Smith is going to fire Andy Lessin Russ Mike Hutton Santiago Rios Sr and Jr John hinkley Mike Cendejas and those supervisors union busters that harass union supporters in Whittier and other terninals Whittier am pm dock workers."TEAMSTERS IN THE HOUSE"

Anonymous said...

I once worked for usf reddaway, it was a very good company to work for before YRCW bought them and drained out all they could from them. The worst decision they made was merging Reddaway with Bestway. That's like getting a half gallon of fresh water and pouring in a cup of piss and saying "its okay to drink"! Not even a union can stop those decisions.