Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Our Anonymous Buddy ...

No we are not taking the credit here, but all the credit goes to the Employees of FedEx who have listened and educated themselves to why Unions matter to us. We need a union to secure our jobs and guarantee our jobs, but as you can see there are no guarantee agreements here. Just look at line haul and our dockworkers!! As long as there is no Collective Bargaining agreement here at FedEx, between Corporate and Employees, then Corporate could do what it feels to do freely. Now as we connecting with our brothers and sisters in Canada and throughout the United States, yes we have succeeded in meeting with each other through traveling from west to east coast, New York, Washington D.C and meeting with employees from Memphis. Plus we also connect through the Teamsters Conventions. Now if you still don’t believe this achievement I will be glad to give you any contact of FedEx hubs in the country or Canada.
Oh one last thing, expect a major hub to be organize from now and Christmas, and as for this hub is super huge. This will be a historical news event.
When this event takes place, there will be negotiating time to bargain at the tables and bet that Rudy and I will be there.
I will request to Fred Smith to allow you there so I can thank you BUDDY
Now if there is anything else I could do for you BUDDY feel free to E-mail me at


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