Saturday, September 25, 2010

Congress Must Stand Up to FedEx and Pass FAA ReauthorizationCongress

Congress Must Stand Up to FedEx and Pass FAA ReauthorizationCongress has voted to extend the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Bill for another three months, delaying important job creation and safety provisions and a key measure to close the FedEx loophole giving the company special status.
Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa is urging Congress to stand up to FedEx, which has been blocking passage of the legislation. The extension, to December 31, was passed by the House and Senate on Thursday.
“Congress must address the issue of fairness when it comes to FedEx’s special treatment that allows it to treat its truck drivers as airline workers,” Hoffa said.
The two senators from Tennessee, at the behest of Memphis-based FedEx (NYSE:FDX), have been threatening a filibuster to block the provision in the bill closing the FedEx loophole.
“Congress cannot bow to the wishes of one company and hold up this legislation because FedEx wants to keep its special status,” said Teamsters Package Division Director and International Vice President Ken Hall.
The Express Carrier Employee Protection Act in the FAA Reauthorization Bill will end the special treatment that FedEx lobbyists won in 1996. The measure would establish one set of rules for all package delivery companies. The provision is in the House-passed version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill, which also includes important safety measures for the traveling public and the industry, and would create more than 125,000 new jobs each year.
FedEx Express is the only freight and package delivery company in the United States allowed to classify truck drivers, sorters, loaders and unloaders as airline workers. More than 90,000 FedEx Express employees who never even touch an airplane are treated as airline workers under the Railway Labor Act. Truck drivers, sorters, loaders and unloaders at small businesses, UPS and every other freight and package delivery company in the United States are under the National Labor Relations Act.
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Anonymous said...

Fedex is a really poorly managed company with no direction and that is why they are losing money. UPS freight may come out on top because Fedex Freight or Fedex national LTL looks really weak and it is just a matter of time before fedex freight goes under and bankrupt and has to close its doors. This is very ironic because the managers and upper management clowns can't blame the union for Fedex closing its doors. This merger between Freight and national LTL is a direct result of uneducated dimwitted management who has no vision. This is what happens when "yes men" are put in charge to run a freight company. These dimwitted robots couldn't envision a work force which stands up for their rights and the fact of the matter is Fedex freight employees have no balls and do not stand up for themselves. Mice in a corner? well yes i guess thats true. These managers "red shirts" are complete clowns who do not care about their company and which is evident from their lack of caring about the employees rights. These employees have been the back bone of Viking and now Fedex freight and have been treated like trash by taking away their full time status and their benefits, but it is apparent that these employees have no balls to stand up for themselves and deserve the treatment they get. If you want to be scabs then so be it. Live better work Union is not only a slogan but it is a way of life. You can tell the difference between a good job and a bad job by which one is Union and which is not. The Union job is always the better choice. Better benefits better pension, better wages better LIFE!!! Bottom line. I feel bad for Rudy Joe and Sal who continually try to push to organize an have it fall on deaf ears. These dockworkers let their familes and loved ones get pushed around by the Red Shirts who do nothing but drive wages down adn cancel out benefits and opportunites for advancement for workers. Unionize and quit standing in the fucking corner you bunch of cowards.