Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Top CEO’s have contracts; they have their demands for
the next five years; just like a Teamster contract.
This pass weekend I attended an arbitration class and the
instructor was an arbitrator. I ask some questions
regarding top CEO’s and top managements having labor
contracts; and the teacher said they had to arbitrate
for nonunion high ranking managements violation of
their labor contracts.
So what does this tell us? That they have their set
standards, their demands and no handbooks just a
contract, and when their positions and contracts are
being revised by top CEO’s, The CEO board members
gather up and discuss the demands of a top management
position; and the way the board members agreed on
contract is by voting.
As a future member of the Teamster we ask for a
contract with demands and fairness, a better pension
plan per hour (a Western conference pension plan), a
better medical benefit plan per hour, and medical
So why is it o.k for top management to have labor
contracts and arbitration for disputing their
violations of the contract? And also they have
democracy votes, and the employees does not have any
Rights; without a Teamsters contract we stand alone.


plain and simple said...

It plain and simple we need a contract here at fedex. You want to bet that the new regional mgr in sbo got himself a good contract to get him there? Or was it was because he's closer to disneyland ?

MARIO said...

Shit yeah, all service center managers have a collective bargaining agreement. Their collective bargaining agreements covered on progressive raises, medical benefits and on top of that cost of living increase. plus a premium 401k package, and guess where all that come from? the employee cuts.