Monday, August 30, 2010

Who's An "At-Will" Employee Now?

Since we started this campaign, we were always told by management that a union was unnecessary here at FedEx. But with the dismissal of four supervisors last week in Devore, maybe a union could have kept those guys still employed here?
With a Union in placed at a business there would be some monitoring of management, not by the company, but with the Rank And File of employees. Who would call out the in house management to take care of this problem, before corporate would have found out.
But corporate or managers don’t want to regulate itself, they don’t want rules, on themselves! But have no problems having you follow rules!
But who’s under the microscope now? Now who is an at-will employee?


Joe Nuno said...

Speak up now, let fred smith know your concerns...


ATTENTION ALL FEDEX WORKER: Are you expected to work off the clock or through your lunch? Are you asked to do things that artificially boost numbers to make your manager look good? Are service failures being covered up? seniorty rights not respected,unfair bids over new young blood taking your runs. Are you sick of Harrison unfair rules. If these things are happening please email Fred Smith ASAP at

"thanks for backing me up guys" said...

I hope all you mother fuckers organise fedex frt soon. especially in devore and the rest of so Cali, that mother fucker nathan is so fucking crooked. Alex parra away use to say don’t worry about anything that he had connections with Nathan to fix and set employees up, which is how I learn to fix shit around the dock. Alex was screwing this chick on the pm dock and use her to try to set this dockworker on a sexual harassment thru Nathan & alex and this bimbo flake chick they set a false charge on him but backfire. Back then I didn’t give a fuck about anybody but our group we were untouchable thru Nathan cause he never let it escalate up the corporate latter and corporate never got wind of anybodys complians and fuck those piece shit dockworkers. there is so much shit going at fedex if you guys want to fuck this place make a petition and have all your buddys sign it and present it to labor board and request them to do one on one sit down meeting, make a federal case, I wish you fuckers all the luck to fuck fedex with your union

Anonymous said...

I am ready to organize now. The red shirts are not adhering to the policy when it comes to seniority. The new FedEx National guys with more seniority are sent home so that the FedEx Freight guys with less seniority can maintain their hours.

Anonymous said...

I understand that you need to fight for your rights, but to make up lies about Alex sleeping with a chick while at work, don't you know that he's married and what that would do to his marriage. Like I said I don't disagree with you stating your opinion and concerns but do it right. Don't go making up lies that can affect a person's personal life, esp. concerning your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

I work for Fed Ex ground in Pennsylvania and have been following this on the internet as much as possible.
The Conditions are reason alone for a union. In the summertime workers are known to "drop like flies."
However im sure cases of Heat exhaustion go on unreported, and im sure the victims must "tough through it"