Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day From Your Organizer's at Mira Loma, Ca..jpg


irudedog said...

yesterday's handing out of flyers for this weekends meeting O.C. went very well. we handed out 30 - 40 flyers! this was was a good response and all of the employees who took flyers were happy to see us there!

like Neil said , " change is good! "

tj said...

I have been reading about the way the unions manipulated Rep. Oberstar (D, MN, bought) to try and entangle Fedex in the forced union model. Doesn't look like it is gonna work, what with him losing and all. I doubt the lame-duck session is going to pass that bill, either. Good for FedEx! UPS should start harassing these union people - laying off like 10% would be a start. Look at what the public unions have done for the country - We have the unions pouring millions of dollars into Democrat election campaigns, then the elected Dem puts the public on the hook forever by gifting the unions pay and benefits and entombing those gifts in state constitutions. You people are a dirty business. I don't reward unions with my business if I can avoid it - especially teachers unions - I moved to reduce my property taxes 10 fold - best thing I ever did. Now that your corrupt playmates are thrown out, maybe congress can start to roll you back.

tj aka andy lessen said...

hey tj keep believing in the republicans. i assume you make over 200,000 dollars a year because if you dont the republicans dont care about you. Also it should be known that teachers are some of the most hard working people and underpaid people in the country. I also guess you are for working later in life not geeting paid properly from your employer and working at walmart to supplement your weak pension when you reach your 60's or even 70's. You show your ignorance when you bash Unions. If it werent for Unions you wouldnt have a weekend off. Unions are mandatory to keep scum like Fred Smith from not paying his employees for a fair day's work. The fedex pension is garbage and so is the 401k they tried to push on us. It is better to look for outside Union jobs or to organize Fedex now. The time is right to organize a guaranteed job and hours is way better than this shit they are pulling on us now. Keep watching Glen Beck and Fox News retard tj