Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Labor board rules in favor of MARB worker

Here is a good example if you decide to organize with us at FedEx Freight. There are laws in this country that protect employee's who organize its workforce. As long as you follow the rules, do your job correctly and don't threaten anyone, especially management, you will be fine.

We had an employee in Georgia,who made a remark," don't be surprise if this place burns down"' and Fedex fired him for making a "Terrorist Threat". Not for being pro-union, which he said there should be one here at FedEx. But for the threat!

Get educated on how to organize.Know what you can do and what you cannot do!

Organizer at FedEx Freight in
San Bernandino Ca.

Labor board rules in favor of MARB worker

09:08 PM PST on Friday, November

19, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

The National Labor Relations Board has upheld a judge's 2009 decision that found in favor of a March Air Reserve Base worker who was fired after fallout from a union organizing campaign.

The case stemmed from an effort to organize workers at Satellite Services Inc., a Marquette, Mich.-based contractor that provided maintenance and operational support at the Riverside base.

Employee Raul "Rudy" Trejo had been attempting to convince his fellow workers to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Trejo was fired in October 2008, several months after he was admonished by his bosses for distributing union material on the base. He was also accused of using obscene language and misusing a government vehicle in the process.

Last year federal Administrative Law Judge Lana Parke ruled that Trejo's actions were legal under the National Labor Relations Act, which gives workers the right to talk about and join a union.

Also, Parke found that Satellite Services did not investigate thoroughly enough to prove that the incidents involving foul language and abusing a vehicle, which allegedly involved spinning its wheels so violently it sprayed gravel, ever happened.

The judge, following a hearing held in Riverside in July 2009, ordered Trejo made whole for the discharge, meaning either he'd be reinstated with back pay or receive back pay if he doesn't want to be rehired.

Late last month, three members of the labor board sitting in Washington issued an opinion that upheld the judge's decision.

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Joe Nuno said...

This is the case file site,
Satellite Services, Inc. and International Association
of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District
Lodge 725, AFL–CIO. Case 21–CA–38670
October 29, 2010