Friday, July 1, 2011

The TURK Said ...

NOW is the time for us to rise!!

NOW is the time to wipe the spit from our eyes!! The disdain & disrespect that this company imposes on it's workforce on a daily basis is a call to arms!!

But sadly, so many of my brethren who complain about their treatment, complain under their breath. What holds them back is Fear, Fear of the unknown, the Fear the company instills in them with mantra like, "you're lucky to have a job".
Well, I for one am tired of getting pissed on my face, and being told it's raining by Fred Smith. There's an organizing meeting on July 10th. If you're TIRED of being afraid, if you're TIRED of having our jobs OUTSOURCED, if you're TIRED of having management arbitrarily make up the rules of employment, but mostly if you're TIRED of being an at-will employee, then you need to attend this meeting. THIS revolution WILL be televised!!!


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