Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Journal of Commerce story - FedEx Freight Expands in Mexico

William B. Cassidy | Aug 30 , 2011 2 :55
The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story LTL | Trucking | United States | Mexico LTL carrier adds three terminals in alliance with AutoLineas

America FedEx Freight is expanding in Mexico, adding terminals in Toluca, Puebla and Veracruz through its alliance with Mexican carrier Auto Lineas America. The U.S. trucking arm of FedEx now has access to 15 terminals across Mexico handling cross-border and intra-Mexico less-than-truckload freight. Surface trade with Mexico was up 16.6 over-year in May and 6.5 percent from April, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The three-terminal expansion in August cut transit times by an average of 50 percent for customers shipping to southeastern Mexico, FedEx Freight said. FedEx Freight’s Mexican partner Auto Lineas America is a subsidiary of Grupo Transportes Monterrey that provides truckload, dedicated and LTL service.

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TURK 182 said...


So Tio Fred is starting up FedMEX?

But in all seriousness, we need to organize our brothers south of the border now!!


Joe Nuno said...

This should panic some of you U.S workers north of the borders, from Tijuana Mexico to Laredo Mexico, Corporate's like FedEx could start hiring drivers from Mexico at a low wage and run runs of 500 miles and back to Mexico.
Opening the borders, would reduce our wages here in the United States, meaning pay increase would be a thing of the pass...
Be wise and organize now, before It's to late

Anonymous said...

U mean "Nuevo Laredo,Mexico"

Mark Link said...


Shipping Wars said...

Providing freight brokerage business an option where they can get a trucking company is a great new. Hoping that they are organized and people behind it are properly checked.