Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turk 182 said

The cost of groceries has risen .6% this yr, our cost of living raise was barely .3%, since our raise wasnt even 50% for the cost of food, i gotta wonder?

Is Uncle Fred gonna spring for a turkey for us this year?!


Billy M said...

Sorry Turk 182, but that was cut almost three years ago, Harrison Arkansas said it was consider to be a wage earning and had to be tax on you.
But you know what uncle Fred could give us for the holidays?
Neutrality for all employees to be able to sign cards and consider our signature as an automatic VOTE for UNIONISM...hmmm Nice Wish List.

Turk 182 said...

Since our employee appreciation week got cut down to employee appreciation day, that should free up money for a damn bird

Thunder and Lightning said...

Maybe we should ask Russell Marmaduke Fleck for a turkey, it has his name on the truck (F.E.D.E.X)
Fleck's Employees Don't Expect Xtra.