Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

At this morning pre shift in SBO, a concern about early appointments on routes were brought up. One idea was to make them later in the day, 5pm or later.I suggested that
on days that have heavy appointments, that there should be a route with just appts run out to the low desert.

The next thing out of Russ's pie hole was, " if your name was on the side of the truck, we'll run it that way". I told him it was only a suggestion?

Now I know Russ doesn't agree with my organizing, but to come off so smug and arrogant, in front of a dozen drivers only goes to show you all why I put "RESPECT" and "DIGINTY" signs on my car every day!

Happy Halloween Russ! 

1 comment:

Scooby Doo (Marmaduke BUDDY) said...

sounds like snapshot managers from Harrison Arkansas are geeting into Russell Marmaduke Fleck skin!
what happen to open door policy?
suggestion from employees are no longer welcome.
From reading this post, sounds like you were an engage employee there buddy, and a disengage Micro management!!!