Friday, June 1, 2012

2.2% Increase to Top of Scale at SBO

At wednesday's drivers pre shift meeting, it was announced that p&d drivers at SBO will be getting a .55 cent increase to the "top of scale" in June. Also , the dock scale would go up .50 cents. The line haul had a .01 cent increase.
No infromation on any mechanic or clerical increases yet.

With an increase of this amount you can bet that Fedex must be worried about our campaigne!

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't the inflation rate 3.16 percent last year? Not much difference between the pay increase and the rise in prices for last year. In reality the difference is only three or four hundred dollars less over the course of a year if someone were to work the full grip.

Anonymous said...

whoopie.......what about my health insurance Fedex Freight Andy Lessin raped from me????