Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thanks to the Teamsters, CDL drivers can go to traffic school.

Good news.

AB 1888 (Gatto) would allow commercial drivers who get a ticket in their personal vehicle to attend traffic school every eigthteen months to eliminate a "point" from being placed their driving record.

This is a big deal because federal law, until recently, prevented commercial drivers from in any way masking citations or attending traffic school. The US DOT issued an advisory opinion allowing states to let commercial drivers who get a ticket in their private vehicle (not the commercial vehicle) to eliminate the point associated with the violation by attending traffic school. This could stop a driver from sliding into "negligent operators status," which could result in a license suspension and loss of employment.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you teamsters ! Can't wait until we unite with you guys and become official FedEx freight teamsters!

slick_teamster ---SLG