Sunday, May 5, 2013


Anonymous said...

No lie here. Went to the pension website and input the numbers.$478
a month after 21 years with Fedex.

Anonymous said...

this is why we need to go union!
we have nothing to lose.
we need a better future and its up to us to decide!
be wise and GO UNION!

Anonymous said...

word just in LOS will be merging with SLG!!! all hell broke lose. chaos! seniority issues and employers getting kicked in the butt bye bye to other terminals. this is why we need a union! so we wont get pushed around.
i like having options, i dont know about you guys. thats why i am PRO UNION!


trust no red shirts!

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats our future here at fedex!

not unless we change it and GO UNION!!!

be wise brothers and don't get carried away with the negativity supervisors preach to us.

slg driver

Turk_187 said...

@ Slick: I hear you brutha, all this stuff could be avoided with a 1-tier seniority system...YOUR HIRE DATE! this is just a small sample of the stuff we could negotiate for, rather than enjoy the sh!t sandwich that Fred Smith and his cronies like to force down our throats!

it's akin to them pissing in our faces and having the audacity to tell us it's raining!