Thursday, May 2, 2013

Post from " The Brown Cafe" blog. Mr. FedEx

If and when the new UPS contract is ratified, they will have a solid raise and still not be paying a penny for medical coverage. Us? We're headed the other way. If you consider our non-raise in March, higher insurance costs, and fewer hours, we aren't just falling behind...we are plummeting. Plus, take a look at the latest "Career Opportunities". I didn't count and do the calculations, but a quick scan indicates about 75% of those jobs are PT.

So, if you are new to Fred's Fun Factory, please read the writing on the wall, which says "Leave now, and do something meaningful with your career". I really mean this if you are 40 or under, and please take it from somebody who knows first hand. It is very difficult to find a good job once you are over 40, unless you have some specialized skill, education, or experience. FedEx is NOT going to give you that, unless you are only here to be PT and get some Tuition Refund assistance. Otherwise, you need to head for the exits.

We are rapidly approaching the point where most Express couriers will be making half what a UPS driver does, for essentially the same job. This is counting wages, benefits, and retirement. Wages? About double for a topped-out UPS driver vs. a FedEx new hire. Benefits? Free medical and dental at UPS. You pay through the nose at FedEx, and the providers suck. Retirement? You don't even have one, and UPS has excellent retirement benefits.

FedEx Express, in free-fall without a parachute.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about other terminals,but at MRL it is getting really bad,drivers are getting really upset with what's going on.NOW is the time to do this thing,and believe you me,there are a lot of drivers that will go this way,than the other.We don't have anything to loose,we bearly even get 35 hrs a week(and this is full time driver positions) so if we have to,besides what's the worse that can happen,I know we can make more money at another company making less an hour.

Joe Nuno said...

“Unions only want your union dues” that’s what FedEx management always preaches. But FedEx never preaches to you that all a union i.e. employees want is for the company to pay you a fair standard of living wage. FedEx could afford to pay you a pension like UPS, but don’t.

FedEx never tell you that forming a UNION here can get you better medical benefits like UPS or a guaranteed eight hour work day with seniority in place like UPS. They also don’t tell you that forming a Union at FedEx could limit the use of P.T. drivers by rehiring laid off drivers before using them!

Be Wise by Forming a Union at FedEx Freight

Anonymous said...

Joe's right. Pass the word about this website. Most everybody is working scared just trying to hang to what they got. The more you know the better off you are.

Cosme1 said...

I have n problem paying UNION dues, still less than what I pay on insurance alone. Hours are cut as they use dock employees w/ less seniority. Moreover, were practically
forced to skip breaks and lunch to get last load.

Cosme1 said...

MRL had meeting today, "LAYOFFS" but not by company seniority, only applies to drivers. Their explanation (Drivers can find a job faster than dock workers).