Thursday, February 20, 2014

Repeal the Railway Labor Act

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Unknown said...

The Railway act is and old and antiquated law that needs to be thrown out because it does not fit with the way we work today. Competition was always considered a good thing and that it brought price's down and made more things affordable. Company's still made money but not by the factor of 100 as they do today. The law makes it almost impossible for workers to get in contact with other workers from around the country. Most laws brought in by lobbyists for big business have killed any kind of labor voice that could have stopped the outsourcing of jobs to other country's. They have bought up all the new's papers and now the internet to promote union's are bad for everyone. Working for FedEx I have seen how scared people are of taking a stand for what they believe in. I hope you guys get what you want which is the same as we want, a fair and just way of having a say in our futures. I have posted this on my blog and put a link to your site as well. Hopefully people may one day say enough is enough. Our company has hit record profits and those with the golden parachutes can care less who is left in the plane after they jump. keep up the great work.