Friday, November 7, 2014

FexEx Freight's Third Party Website Lies

We here at Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight would like to bring to your attention the validity of this post. FedEx corporation would not compromise the integrity of their company by posting anything of this manner on social media. The company has had no press release pertaining to any of the content related in the below posting. The shear audacity for one to make such an illegitimate accusation shows what lengths the Keep FedEx Freight Union Free page will stoop to. We are asking everyone on this page to call them out on this matter. One should ask how they obtained this so called information that this terminal is closing due to unionizing. We hear at Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight, have fully researched this accusation and cannot find any relevant information to validate the below "so called" closing.This matter is just another attempt to try to prevent us from exercising our rights as legal citizens of the United States of America; which states that we have the right to have collective bargaining done on our behalf by the International Brotherhood of The Teamsters Union.


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Anonymous said...

Since this is a proven FACT & your site has continually called the other site posts lie' you plan on retracting any of your ACTUAL lies? How bout stop with the name calling & having a fair debate because you guys are looking like fools!!