Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight

This is just Unbelievable. Louisville lost their election. Formed a driver committee and this is what is important to the committee. Getting custodians hired and garbages emptied. Why haven't they been able to accomplish getting better medical coverage or a real retirement here. I'll tell you why because they cant !!! They have no bargaining power. That list is just typical things that any center needs and they benefit the company. Wake up people. Glad LOU got hooks in the wash bay. Hats off to the driver committee in LOU. LOL
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Anonymous said...

FedEx employees are foolish just like walmart workers, they will complain that the company is getting rich and they are not treated fairly, they don't understand that the union is the voice of the workers and that is why unions formed long ago. So
after all the unions are gone and all the company's drop wages to nothing they will see that they should along with walmart and all the rest of the nonunion low paying company's should of unionized. the only difference we have here in the UNITED States from china and the rest of the country's is fair wages. Try and live on .50 to 1.00 and hour like they do in the rest of the country's. People have become STUPID and Lazy. Amazing