Monday, August 31, 2015

FedEx Pilots to vote on first contract since 2011 / Why are they worth it and your "NOT" FedEx Freight Driver???

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Anonymous said...

Just don't understand why the rest of fedex workers don't vote in union. I have been union over 36 years and proud of my company and being union. Getting good benefits and wanting to be the best employee I can because I have a job (career) worth keeping and staying at. As you see other company's and government tossing around 15.00 minimum wage that won't work. Can't pay startups 15.00 per hour and keep company going. If these company's were UNION they could all start at 8.50-11.00 per hour with health benefits knowing as employee's as they progress and prove their worth the job would produce higher wage's overtime and could be called a career rather than a job. Also if benefit's were provided to employee's our country could reduce all the benefit's handed out thru the government and save tax paying citizens even more.