Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Struggle is Real!

First, I like to congratulate the very brave and persistent XPO employees of Florida and New Jersey on their new Teamster contract! 

It has been a very long time coming. But with this victory more will come.

Our struggles at FedEx Freight were very difficult.  With their anti union tactics of everything from, one on ones, anti-union propaganda and firing of pro union employee, using " constructive terminal" tactics and just outright lies. FedEx had deterred most of our terminals from moving forward. Except for our Stockton Teamsters.Who still haven't negotiated a contract, because of FedEx's not keeping their promise of "if a terminal would vote for representation we will negotiated". But have won several unfair labor charges against FedEx. They are alone.

XPO Teamsters beware! Though you are getting  contracts,which is a very good thing, yes. But don't underestimate XPO's attempts to find some of their loyal employees to try to decertify or undermine your successful campaign.

With your success, courage and will. You may have paved the way for others to follow your lead. Are you listening FedEx Freight employees!

Your Brother from FedEx Freight

Rudy Hernandez / aka irudedog 

P and D driver

San Bernardino Ca.

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