Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rudy said...

Rudy said... To Larry's comment on "We're Back"!

As for the Change to Win website, no one on this blog had anything to do with deleting your comments. Second you should be thanking a few drivers at the fontana service center for getting the top of scale brought up to Whittier & OC's rate. A year ago around this time HR & upper management were saying it would be at least 3 to 3 1/2years before they would consider bringing up the top of scale. After three weeks of meetings with HR & Regional managers, who admitted that it was "bad management" not the union that broke CF. (I wonder what they were fishing for?) Two weeks later every dockworker, every line driver, every hourly office personnel, every hostler, every part time worker, every p & d driver's got a raise or could look forward to a higher pay scale, because of a group of p & d drivers who united together to get this done. With no Thank You from anyone of the dept's mentioned above!
That's funny that the mention of union at this service center can "Change Everyone to Win".From 3 years to less than 2 months!And a year later, now your pension is getting a face lift now.I say a face lift because that's all it is. Just a little tweaking to hide what they should really be giving you.
So instead of putting your "HELL NO" sign up Larry, you should say "Thank You" to Joe Nuno and his commettee's here and at other service centers around the So. Cal. basin for getting you a well deserved raise!

Be Wise And Organize !


Anonymous said...

ok here ill say it...thank you to the people responsible for getting us the raise, but hey it only took a couple of people to band together to get the raise like you said.....then still no reason for the union. you say that i should take my hell no union sign down and thank joe.....why not take you union sign down and work with others here at the company. You just proved that if we get together we can make a difference, you just gave me another reason for not wanting the union. So all this complaining about my says what i feel. HELL NO!!!! If you dont like my sign dont look, everyday i drive in i have to see your signs.... you want me to take my sign down cause you dont like what it says...well whats good for you is good for me. So take all the pictures you want, accuse me of being led by the management, say what you want but remember this, the harder you push this issue, the harder i push back. Everytime you mention my sign or complain...another one will go up. I tried to explain to you all that people would band together to change fedex, but you guys wouldnt listen. Its not about changing fedex to all of you, its about what you think is best for yourself. You are not thinking about the rest of us here so why should we care about your thoughts and opinions. The day you think about us and our futures, thats when you might get your way. But trust me, I will not stop the fight against the insanity that is going on here. We should stick together, we should change plans and change some other things about fedex, but thats not what you are doing. You are bringing someone else's rules into our house, your not helping. And by the will be a cold day in hell before i ever thank anyone of you for trying to take money awway from my family. The only family you care about is your own, which is fine but dont expect to get the rest of us. And if your soooo dedicated, where is the strike? I enjoyed it last time driving into work when they were out there in the way. If you ever want to make the company a better place to work at let me know ill help, but dont bring an outsider in. That is where you are messing up. Dont accuse me of being someone im not, and dont underestimate who i am or what i know, you would be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I have worked for fedex a long time and it seems to me as if fedex management puts hourly employees out there trying to represent the management's point of view. Trying to intimidate employees or control the non union point of view only. It is sad to see other employees follow along this reckless and uncaring path. I hope employees start looking between the lines and realize HR is just there so that you won't sue the company, the vpep is just a scam to pacify employees so that employees will be happy making less money per hour, and so are the barbeques. Larry I wish you'd join us and realize that a binding union contract is a hell of a lot better than an empty company promise. The company promises a revamped pension plan but the reality is that I will make less or about the same with this new pension plan when I retire. As far as I'm concerned the new pension plan and the 401k retirement scam is just a band aid over a broken arm in fedex's weak attempt to control employees. Other issues which need to be fixed are part time dockworkers need affordable decent medical coverage fot themselves and their families, retiree medical benefits, better hourly pay for all employees, and no more favortism for job advancement. The employees of fedex are banding together. The employees are the union we are in this together in a redistribution of power which will help working families not corporate domination. We are not bringing in outsiders we are the union and so are you Larry. Think about it. Organize for your rights.

Anonymous said...

you say that we are the union, your wrong. you are not forming something here, you are only bringing in others. I dont agree with some policies we have and yet im still non union. I dont always get along with the management, but yet im still non union. I agree with your thoughts and with your wants but not with your actions. Im tired of people saying that the company screwed them or that mangagement screwed them. Im tired of all the truths being bent, and for what? If people knew their own rights they wouldnt get screwed. If you were really for me or my friends and family here then you wouldnt be bringing in others to do our work. Nobody has yet answered anything i have asked. nobody as yet giving me any real reason to bring someone else in to help us when it looks like we can help ourselves, but most choose not to. Im sorry if you think that management has anything to do with my actions, Im sorry if we dont see eye to eye. And Im sorry that you think we have to have others do or work for us. I have never been one for letting anybody do my work for me. I enjoy getting paid for an honest days work. I still try and put 110 percent of my own effort into whatever I do. I do not let management, or co workers push me around or speak for me. I think that we need to change things to make this company better, but I will not ever let someone else do it for me. When I see those union signs, I see a white flag. I see you giving up on a battle you have not yet faught. It pisses me off to see you talk about the same company that has put food on your table all these years. It really upsets me to think that you are willing to turn our futures over to someone else. Why do we need someone else to fight our battles? Why cant we band together without seperating ourselves? Why choose the easy way out instead of stand and fight? If you hate the company that bad then why are you still here? Yes, some of management have made bad decisions. Yes the company should pay us more in the long run. Yes we shouldnt let manangement treat us like some do. But yet you have. Yet you have sat there and seen this or dealt with this for years and have done nothing. You sat there and worked, collected a paycheck all these years and have changed nothing. If I should be pissed at anyone, it should be at you. If you would have made the company better years ago, I wouldnt have to worry now. You want me to come to your side, well let me tell you that im not on anyones side. I choose to work and I choose to live. I will not let someone tell me when my family eats or starves. I will not listen to lies or to the crying game that has been going on. Like I said before, almost, if not, all stories that i have heard about has been because you dont know your rights. For people to know so much about a union that has one of the worst reps around, you sure dont know jack about your rights here at fedex. Your knowledge of the company that you have worked many years for, really lets me down. Most of you have been here twice as long as me, if not longer, but yet I know more about your rights here then you do....why? Everytime there is problem, you give up, I proceed. I do not let manangement push me around, and nor will I let any of you. I dont care if you think they have anything to do with this, I am tired. I am tired of all the whinning that goes on about being passed up, or not in their click. I have never been in anyones click other then my friends outside of work. I have never kissed ass to move up. If I get passed I become better. If they dont see me now they will soon. I believe that you are only as good as the work you do. And if you knew me, you would know that im a hell of a guy. Life is full of asses and its full of crap. Its full of let downs and its full of liars. Life is one big game that you are not seeing right. If you think you deserve more, then good for you go get it. JUST NOT HERE. If you want union....go work for them, JUST NOT HERE. I already told you not to underestimate my knowledge, so dont. I am younger then you but im not stupid. I am not someone like you that will sit here and let time pass and let things happen that i dont agree with. I wont wait until im about to retire before I try to make a change. Dont think that i am you. I will not let someone else fight my battles for me that I can win myself. Do not think you know me either, because if you did, then you would have already known to give up.....face it, you have once, and you will again. larry

Anonymous said...

Larry: The bottom line and the answer to your question iof why we need an outside source is that management wants us to talk to them but doesn't want to listen to our concerns. Also a binging union contract is better than somebody promising you something that will never happen. I can't provide for my family on words which mean nothing, but I can have better security when I have a signed contract stipulating job requirements along with scheduled guaranteed pay increases. I haved worked for Viking/Fedex for a long time maybe if you had put more time in you might have a better understanding of how things used to be and how they are now. Also why didn't you show up at the local???

Anonymous said...

there are good things and bad thing about any union and non-union work place. but the big picture is that if we want to change something so bad, we can, if we just get enough people to unite with us...without a union. I dont see a need for another party to be between us and management. I do not give up on the battles I want to win. You say that maybe if I would have put more time in then I would understand more. Bullshit, who the hell do you think I am? I put over 8 years in and in the first two I learned more about the company then most. See here is the thing that pisses me off, every one of you sat around all these years and did nothing. You could have changed things for the better a long time ago, but you didnt. But now all of you say to come to your side cause you care about me and the rest of us....BULLSHIT. If you really cared you would have changed things before i got here. Dont write to me unless you putyour damn name down. If you dont have the courage to credit what you say then dont say anything.....LARRY

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you are coming off with such a negative attitude Larry. We are just trying to better our work environment and you are becoming very upset cussing and becoming very hostile with us. Please refrain from cussing it is very offensive and threatening. Thank You

Anonymous said...

thats just typical from puppets being used from the managers some manager is probably in his ear telling him lies making promises he better be getting something good to put himself on the line like this, but you know what fedex is so cheap they probably aren't giving him anything at all

Anonymous said...


The annual Survey Action Feedback farce is upon us... and by definition it is... "VOLUNTARY"--- NOT "MANDATORY"!!!

What does that mean to us? To local management/local personnel?
It means an extra 5 minutes on the clock and nothing more… but what if you could really make an impact? I know what everybody's thinking... "What do I have to do? Will it cost me my job?" And the answer is "Nothing"… and "No"… "Doing Nothing" will make Memphis, your district and local management very uneasy, because one selfish act can lead to the whole workforce looking for a real solution-- did anyone say, outside representation. The SFA is "Voluntary"-- PERIOD!!! Just ask the SFA Hotline, they don't want to admit it, but if you press the issue, they will say you don't have to do anvthing… not sign into the computer, not answer generic questions, "Nothing "! "Nothing "! "Nothing "!

But local management and personnel will not like it or agree because it's their job to get you to do "Anything." Ten couriers signed into the computer but no scores becomes a glitch in the system, or the employees started to take the SFA but forgot to finish it, or worst yet, someone else finishes the SFA for you. But if you don't even sign in-- you will be missed!

What does the SFA mean to Federal Express Corporation? To the union organizing efforts?

Would you believe the same thing!!!

Both organizations look at this annual exercise as an indication employees believe the system will work and the problems will be resolved; the problem is Federal Express loves even the negative responses because perception is reality... and the union organizers are therefore misled by our participation to believe we don't need anyone to help us resolve our problems.
but are we sending both of them-- the wrong message???

"YES"... if 25% of our courier workforce says count me in, I'm doing "Nothing" for the cause.. both Memphis and the Union will treat all of us differently... whoever said you can't get something for "nothing"!!!

Let's Do "Nothing" For A Change--For Our Future

Respectfully, Seriously Concerned Federal Express Employees

Anonymous said...

UPS Teamsters aren't the "evil empire competitors" that FedEx management portrays them as. Like us , these workers are just trying to put food on their families' tables and money in the bank for their kids' college years. And joined with one another through their Teamsters Union, UPS workers are doing a heck of a lot better job at providing for their loved ones' future than we at non-Union FedEx are doing!

Anonymous said...

ups is da bomb they treat there people good fedex should learn from them also ups handles more volume than fedex I wonder why Fred Smith keeps all the money and doesn't give a damn about a pension. I saw that weak ass thing being passed around at fedex freight and it is pure crap. ups is more successful cause the people are happier at ups and by the way ups is more successful than fedex and UPS IS A UNION COMPANY THINK THEN UNIONIZE HOFFA HOFFA HOFFA


Anonymous said...

Hoffa life, what makes you think im putting myself onthe line like this. I have and will never let anyone treat me like crap. I will never Let threats change my mind. You can keep saying that im a puppet, but that just shows me how much you really know. Yeah so I do have to thank the management for my salary i get every week....yeah right, i have to thank management for all the good things to come....yeah ok. I dont want to be a supervisor, I like overtime, i enjoy being able to speak my mind. I enjoy telling all of you that this is crap. I like my freedom of speach, which management does not have. They cant post the signs like we can, they are suppost to be in the middle not going either way, and i think that is crap. It is there jobs to so why cant they express their freedom of speach. Why dont they have the same rights as the rest of us. Answer me that. Answer me why we cant take these problems and go head on with them until we reach hour goal. Why are you all pushing for something we can accomplish? The day you want to band together with me and change the problems that we have here, i will help. When you want to change fedex to win really, let me know. But i am not giving up on my belief that we can change them ourselves. Why dont any of you see that we can make a difference if we help one another. Your fighting against eachother instead of helping one another. When you really wanna unite and call me your brother and help us all, with everyones input and concerns then you have something.I am not going union cause some of you are retiring in the next couple of years. Im not giving up my way of life so you can enjoy your pension. I want a better pension, but im not taking this lil step. Im not giving up my crapping pension, that i can change, for your pesion that is already set. I dont care if the pension is better now, I know we can get better , it just takes time. I believe that when it is my turn to retire, I will have already reached a better pension for everyone who leaves before me. Larry

Anonymous said...

MANY FEDEX MANAGERS are starting to re-evaluate their "tactics" regarding anti-union activities. The Railway Labor Act-- the very "law" that Uncle Fred Smith invested millions of dollars to retain-- may cost many managers their life savings, as well as earn them an unpaid vacation in a Federal prison. Intimidation tactics are clearly illegal. Unlike the National Labor Relations Act, the RLA permits managers to be held personally accountable.
Many managers understand that a company willing to turn its back on the very loyal workers who made it successful will not hesitate to throw them to the dogs as well. Plus, managers actually stand to benefit from contractual certainties that will eliminate the headaches of constantly changing, arbitrary gray areas of the so-called "People Manual." Managers may also gain from parallel increases in pay and benefits that hourly workers at FedEx will eventually win under future Teamster contracts.
We invite all Federal Express managers to take a look at how the actual law reads regarding anti-union activities. Please do not jeopardize your career, or your family's financial security and honor, to do the dirty work of upper management. Is it any wonder that some managers are removing themselves from the direct line of fire between unionizing hourly workers and upper management? You can do absolutely, positively nothing to prevent unionization. So stay cool, honor the democratic wishes of your employees, and obey the law.
BE ADVISED. Below are excerpts from the Railway Labor Act. The law is very clear. If you are concerned with the legality of your own actions and comments, you may want to consult with a private attorney, rather than relying on the corporate FedEx legal department.

Railway Labor Act-- Subchapter 1, section 151

paragraph four: Organizing and collective bargaining; freedom from interference by carrier; assistance in organizing or maintaining organization by carrier forbidden; deduction of dues from wages forbidden. Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing. The majority of any craft or class of employees shall have the right to determine who shall be the representative of the craft or class for the purpose of this chapter. No carrier, its officers or agents, shall deny or in any way question the right of its employees to join, organize, or assist in organizing the labor organization of their choice, and it shall be unlawful for any carrier to interfere in any way with the organization of its employees.

paragraph ten: Violations; prosecution and penalties. The willful failure or refusal of any carrier, its officers, or agents to comply with the terms of the third, fourth, fifth, seventh, or eighth paragraph of this section shall be a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof the carrier, officer, or agent offending shall be subject to a fine of not less than $1,000.00 nor more than $20,000.00 or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both fine and imprisonment, for each offense, and each day during which such carrier, officer, or agent shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with the terms of the said paragraphs of this section shall constitute a separate offense.

Anonymous said...

"The objects of this International Union are to organize under one banner all workers engaged in industry; to educate them to cooperate in every movement which tends to benefit the organization; and to impress upon our membership, employers and the public that it is to the advantage of all concerned that workers be organized. The organization of our industry requires honest and intelligent membership, adapted to the business. We teach our membership the advantage, benefits and importance of their industrial position, and we endeavor to build-up and perfect a labor organization in conformity with the highest standards of our American and Canadian citizenship."