Saturday, February 24, 2007

We're Back !

Now that the Fontana FedEx service center has found their spokesperson in Larry the hostler,( he says he's doing this on his own?).The Change to Win blogs can be access on the computers in the break room again, after being blocked for a few weeks. Proving once again that upper management here only wants you to read what they want you to read. Doing whatever it takes to keep you from learning the truth about the positive benefits in becoming a Teamster company.

For more information, contact your union committee at your local service center or find a local Teamster union in your area. Or hit the hyper links to the right.

Be Wise And Organize !


Anonymous said...

Well let me say first, thank you. Thank you for taking the time out to use a whole blog on me. By now I really hope you know who I am, you talk to me almost every day, and you still think that management has something to do with what I say, well you are wrong. If you paid any attention over the years you would know that I don't always agree with management. I have had my share of run ins with having to speak my mind. And if you don't believe me, ask a supervisor. Now you say that we all need to learn the truth and have the management stop hiding the fact that the union is so good, then why delete all my truthful comments on the other site. Everyone has their own opinions, and you are more then welcome to express them. Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean that i don't like you. So don't put judgements on me or i could do the same. I never wrote how you were promised anything or backed by the union, so please don't put false facts out there. Yeah, I'm pretty sure most if not all the management is very happy for me doing this, but so what. I'm not doing this for them, I'm doing this for myself and friends. I know how management makes mistakes, but face it they are just like you and me. If management screws you, then that is your fault for not knowing the facts and policies. Every complaint that i have read or heard has been from people not knowing, and knowledge is one of the most powerful weapons you could have. So instead of deleting my comments why not answer my questions? Why delete stuff when everything i said was true, just look it up. I still have not heard a reason why we should go union. No one can answer this simple question? or maybe there is no real answer. I know that if we change now it might benefit you and the rest of the almost retiree's but what about the rest of us? what happens to the rest of us? I figure it this way, I'm glad you are trying this union stuff. its making the company change a little. so keep on fighting, but you wont get this terminal to change. Ill make sure of that. you are out numbered when it comes to the drivers, when it comes to the dock, and yeah the chance. Why no striking yet? why haven't you pushed the envelope? could it be that you know you are far from turning us? could it be that you know you are losing the battle? And yeah a battle is just one part of a war....but you have lost too many battles to win this war. The union is falling apart day by day, more companies are turning back. Too many people have been affected by union plans, and have been left without a job. Too many people have been hurt. The union has turned too many people around. So just a few questions for any of you to answer. Why don't we band together to change what is wrong? why don't we help each other instead of bringing in outsiders? why don't we spend all this time and effort in educating our fellow friends and co-workers instead of filling their heads full of crap? Why cant anybody answer these simple questions? Could it be that you cant? could it be that you have no clue yourselves about our policies? could it be that after all these years of collecting a haven't learned a damn thing about the company. and last thing like i said in my deleted comment....if you would have gotten your way a long time ago, then you wouldn't be pulling this crap now. and yes this is Larry BE WISE, ORGANIZE-THE FACT AND TRUTH

Anonymous said...

As for the Change to Win website, no one on this blog had anything to do with deleting your comments. Second you should be thanking a few drivers at the fontana service center for getting the top of scale brought up to Whittier & OC's rate. A year ago around this time HR & upper mangement were saying it would be at least 3 to 3 1/2years before they would consider bringing up the top of scale. After three weeks of meetings with HR & a Regional managers, who admitted that it was "bad management" not the union that broke CF. I wonder what they were fishing for? Two weeks later every dockworker, every line driver, every hourly office personnel, every hostler, every partime worker, every p & d driver's got a raise or could look forward to a higher pay scale, because of a group of p & d drivers united together to get this done. With no Thank You from anyone of the dept's mentioned above!
That's funny that the mention of union at this service center can "Change Everyone to Win".From 3 years to less than 2 months!And a year later, now your pension is getting a facelift now.I say a facelift because that's all it is. Just a little tweaking to hide what they should really be giving you.
So instead of putting your "HELL NO" sign up Larry, you should say "Thank You" to Joe Nuno and his commettee's here and at other service centers around the So. Cal. basin for getting you a well deserved raise!

Be Wise And Organize !

Anonymous said...

thats right Rudy we have to organize go Union all the way no more lies from management putting us down. Union Yes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Organize win with HOFFA!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

there will always be people who are controlled by their bosses like little puppets

Anonymous said...

The G.F.T. Program--
is it......

Guaranteed Fair Treatment?
Guaranteed Failed Trust?

prosecutor + judge + jury + executioner = management's role

FedEx wants us to believe that because we have a GFT program, we don't need representation.

We all know that the GFT program really doesn't work fairly.

We need a genuine grievance process.

We need a contract.......



Call the FedEx Teamster
toll-free hotline at:
1-888-FEDX-IBT (333-9428)

Anonymous said...

boycott of management's annual Survey Action Feedback. It is signed only by "Seriously Concerned Federal Express Employees," and is believed to have originated somewhere in the Southeast.

The SFA is a computerized questionnaire FedEx urges its employees to fill out annually. Like most surveys, it reflects the aims and agenda of its sponsors-- in this case, management. You'll notice there is no space afforded to volunteer what is on our mind in our own freestyle words. Instead, SFA is crafted with precisely worded "true or false" or multiple choice questions. From management's point of view the SFA serves several purposes.

FedEx uses the SFA as a "barometer" of employee sentiment. To this purpose, SFA asks us questions like: do we think we are paid fairly, or, do we believe FedEx employment will always be there for us as long as we do a good job. Management uses this information as an indicator of employee satisfaction, to see how unhappy we are with compensation, policies, etc. If FedEx feels that a high number of dissatisfied responses is likely to be followed up by "action" [ie., Union organizing] they may decide it's time to "throw the dog a bone."

The SFA also serves as a "safety valve." FedEx channels us into "letting off steam" by investing our hopes in management's supposed willingness to respond to our expressions of need and unhappiness. We are encouraged to believe that as long as we let management know what is on our minds, they will "do their best" to respond to our needs and wishes. This paternalistic approach as much as says, "just trust daddy [or Uncle Fred] to take care of his children." And certainly don't initiate any effort to "force" change by unionizing!

Another SFA function is to provide an "illusion of democracy." The questionnaire is portrayed as a meaningful solicitation of our opinion. Again, remember that SFA is handcrafted with leading questions for managerial purposes. The weight management places on the SFA for its desired psychological impact upon employees [convincing us that "we have a say"] far exceeds their actual intentions to utilize the survey results to make any changes in pay or policy. Real improvement in wages and policy changes over the last couple years can be attributed not to our harmless words, but to our meaningful actions: our accelerating Union organizing!

Related to its use as a democratic cover is the trumpeting of SFA for its "public consumption" value. On more than one occasion, FedEx spokespeople have told the media that dissatisfaction among employees is exceptionally low, based upon Survey Action Feedback results. By harping on SFA results, management portrays persistent and vocal employee critics as isolated malcontents, who are statistically insignificant. To my knowledge, management has never actually presented complete SFA data to either employees or the media. And they probably never will.

If we and the press were allowed to fully analyze SFA results [ie., percentage of eligible employees actually participating, a comparison of that participation percentage with previous years, the number of critical "very low" scores thrown out as "statistical anomalies," other statistical manipulations, etc.] then the survey's propaganda value would plummet as the truth comes out. FedEx will never voluntarily release full, uncensored SFA data to employees or reporters. To do so would enable us to draw drastically different interpretations and conclusions from SFA results than those publicly presented by management!

For the same reasons, management is unlikely to ever publicly admit that an effective boycott has taken place. It will probably be up to the Union movement at Federal Express to obtain leaked company documents if we desire to credibly prove the effectiveness of a boycott. Imagine the egg on management's faces when we do!

The concept of boycotting the SFA is an excellent one, with great potential as an organizing tool. By "doing nothing," boycotting employees at a FedEx facility could get a first taste of what it feels like to flex their collective muscles. Given the time to organize it properly, Union organizing committees could utilize the boycott idea as a way to draw in new people to the movement. Whether 1998, or some future year, proves to be the "Year of the Great Boycott" remains to be seen. But it can and will happen eventually.

FedEx Teamsters from around the United States recently discussed this SFA boycott proposal. The concept was warmly embraced. A number of suggestions were made as to how to strengthen the idea, and I share them here.

The boycott call should be signed by either individual FedEx workers, or by a Union organizing committee. [If they perceive the originators as hesitant or afraid to proudly identify themselves, co-workers will smell "risk" and be unwilling to participate].

Aim the boycott directly at management. [Unions are well aware that internal company surveys are notorious for being biased and manipulative. Workers are usually afraid not to cooperate and will water down their submitted criticisms. And despite promises by FedEx that computerized surveys remain "totally anonymous," many employees rightfully suspect that managers have the technical capability to trace responses back to them. For these kinds of reasons, Unions don't put much stock into a corporation's publicly released survey "results."]

An effective nationwide SFA boycott requires plenty of lead time to properly prepare for. [For instance, to prepare for a 1999 boycott, we need first to evaluate the scope and success of the 1998 call. That means having geographically scattered structures such as boycott sub-committees in place. These structures can monitor and report back on its effectiveness. With proper analysis of that information, next year's boycott can be even better prepared, with steps taken several months in advance.]

There may be some creative boycott modifications to consider. [For instance, one imaginative FedEx Teamster in Tennessee has an idea so wonderfully brilliant that I refuse to elaborate further. It will remain a Union movement "trade secret" to keep management in the dark, until such time we may decide to implement it.]

Invite all hourly FedEx workers to join in the boycott. [The flyer seems aimed only at couriers, excluding many other Union-eligible classifications, such as: RTDs, customer service agents & reps, handlers, vehicle & aircraft mechanics, etc. The Teamsters Union is interested in representing all hourly workers at FedEx.]

"Union Tips" hopes that the originators of the current 1998 boycott call become aware of, and consider, these constructive suggestions, which were discussed collectively at length by FedEx Teamsters. We would like to see the boycott organizing tool come to a successful and nationwide fruition. We hope to link up with these Brothers & Sisters in the near future! Please step forward and identify yourselves!

It's quite ingenious that such a private act of "omission" can be made into a highly visible, unifying protest "action." The originators of the SFA boycott flyer should be commended! "Union Tips" doesn't issue "Bravo Zulus." Instead, we award the "Eugene V. Debs" medallion to these Brothers and Sisters!

Anonymous said...

"The objects of this International Union are to organize under one banner all workers engaged in industry; to educate them to cooperate in every movement which tends to benefit the organization; and to impress upon our membership, employers and the public that it is to the advantage of all concerned that workers be organized. The organization of our industry requires honest and intelligent membership, adapted to the business. We teach our membership the advantage, benefits and importance of their industrial position, and we endeavor to build-up and perfect a labor organization in conformity with the highest standards of our American and Canadian citizenship."

Anonymous said...

A Shop Steward is....

A Problem Solver When members have a problem, they bring it to their shop steward. Some problems are job related; others are not. The steward helps the member and others who may be affected to identify possible solutions and work for necessary changes.
A Leader. Teamster members look to stewards for knowledge, experience and guidance.
A Communicator. Stewards are the key point of contact between Teamster members and their Union leaders.
An Educator. Teamster stewards help members understand how to use and interpret the contract, participate in unions event and learn about broader issues that affect them their communities.
An Organizer. Stewards help Local Union officials organize members to participate in activities designed to improve conditions on the job and our communities.
These activities may include...
Welcoming new employees
Winning and enforcing contract rights and benefits
Increasing unity among the members' encouraging more workers to join the Teamsters
Increasing participation in union meetings
Supporting Teamster legislative campaigns to benefit working people
Increasing contributions to DRIVE, the Teamsters political action fund in the United States
Supporting Teamster efforts to build alliances with community organizations on common goals.

Role of the Shop Steward

Steward Record Keeping
The importance of keeping records cannot be over-emphasized, particularly for three reasons:
1. For Contract Purposes- keeping records of the problems that employees bring may show you a pattern of contract language that is perhaps unclear, or management may be interpreting it in a fashion that is adverse to the employees. By keeping "tabs" the steward can ensure that this problem is brought up in the next negotiations.
2. For Grievance Purposes- keeping records may assist you in tracking acts of harassment or discrimination by certain supervisors or in ensuring equal discipline for all employees.
3. For Duty of Fair Representation Purposes-by keeping records of contracts and discussions with employees, noting the names, dates and subject matter, you will be able to defend yourself if you are ever accused of failing to act on behalf of an employee.

About Grievances

Types of Grievances
It is important for stewards to know which of the two basic types of grievances you may be dealing with in order to know how to proceed.

Discipline Grievance
If the employer has imposed discipline, then the employer must prove it had "just cause".
Other Grievances
If no discipline is imposed, then the union must prove that an offense, like a contract violation, has occurred.

Checklist for Analyzing Grievances
An Employee Appears with a Problem
Put the employee at ease
Encourage discussion on the problem
Let employee tell own story but guide the discussion... Listen intentively
Give your full attention. Do not create a negative atmosphere
When employee has finished, ask questions
Do not personalize the issues. Maintain an objective attitude
Clarify any doubtful or ambiguous points
Do not ask questions that will reveal some predisposed decision on how to handle the grievance
Do not jump to conclusions-investigate thoroughly
Distinguish between facts, opinions, allegations and assumptions
Ask employee to repeat story-be aware of verbatim story and inconsistencies
Probe for weaknesses
Take notes but not too early or too quickly
Get names, times, places
Insulate against being intentionally baited or irritated
Recap your understanding of what the grievance is and remedy sought
The Next Step
Check grievability or arbitrability
Check the appropriate contract provisions, rules or policies
Check the time limits
Locate and interview witnesses
Talk to all persons who can shed light on the case, including those the other party will use
Check the facts on both sides
Examine and organize all records and documents
Look at the physical premises
Check relevant past practices
Check previous grievance settlements for precedent and guidance
Check the experience of others in similar cases

Once you know which of the two types of grievances you have, use the appropriate checklist to analyze the grievance and develop the strongest arguments.

Steps to Handling a Grievance
The Six W's
Teamsters 63 Steps to Handling a Grievance
WHO was involved in the incident?Be sure you can properly identify not only who was involved, but also any witnesses to the incident. Obtain names, identification, clock numbers, departments, shift, rate, seniority, etc.
WHEN did it happen?Identify the incident as specifically as possible - time, date, shift, overtime or regular time, etc.
WHERE did it happen?Locate the area of the facility by department or zone. If machinery is involved, identify it by serial number. This is especially important in the case of health and safety grievances.
WHAT happened that makes this incident a grievance?What are the circumstances of the incident?
WHY is this incident a grievance?If the Union allowed allegation is that the contract has been violated, request that they state the specific clause and indicate how Management's action or inaction violates the contract. Some unions may not always want to cite the exact section of the contract. When they are too specific they may limit their area of argument. It is possible that either a state or federal labor law may have been violated. Review your contractual definition of a grievance. An employee may have a legitimate problem, which is not covered by the grievance procedure and should be resolved in another forum.
WHAT remedy does the employee want?Be careful and listen because many times an employee will be satisfied with a somewhat "lesser" remedy than the steward feels should be the case. Keep in mind that you represent the employee and if the settlement offered is acceptable to the employee and is not way out of line the steward should not stand in the way unless some important principle is at stake. On the other hand make sure that the grievant's requested remedies are realistic and obtainable.

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Anonymous said...

Union Rights and Responsibilities
A Two-Way Street

By joining together and getting involved, members enjoy many rights and protections. They also share Union responsibilities


· You have rights and protections
· You are never alone on the job
· The Union is always right behind you
· Read Your Contract

As a union member, you are protected against:

· Mistreatment in the workplace
· Harassment, discrimination or favoritism
· Being fired without cause
· Being underpaid