Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fedex Teamster Chronicles

Fedex Teamster Chronicles Interview with Frank Pineira
Recently Fedex Teamster Chronicles got a chance to sit down with Frank Pineira to talk with about his retirement:
Q: To the best of your knowledge how much will you receive when you retire?
A: When I retire after 33 years of being a proud Teamster I will receive 4100 dollars per month.
Q: Is that 4100 dollars per month include your Teamster Pension, 401k, and social security?
A: No, that 4100 dollars per month is just my Teamsters Pension. If I include my 401k and social security with my pension then I will receive 6100 dollars per month.
Q: How comfortable are you with your retirement?
A: I am tremendously comfortable with my retirement. God Bless the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for making it happen with the benefits they bargained for over the years. I am grateful for my Teamsters Pension you can't live on just social security and a 401k. The 401k goes up and down at the whim of the stock market. Sure the 401k helps, but you can't make future plans on a hope that the stock market will do well and social security doesn't get privatized. I firmly believe that with a Union contract I have secured my future.
Q: What is your opinion on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their impact on the American workforce?
A: If it weren't for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters there would be a super Wal-Mart or a group of companies treating their employees terribly like Fedex. At non-union companies like Fedex there is no Union contract which means no grievance procedure which places hard working employees at the mercy of CEOs who change policy at every whim to suit the company's needs.
Q: Are Unions necessary to obtain a decent retirement package?
A: Absolutely. That's what a Union contract is for. You can't deal with a 401k alone for a retirement plan. I have the Western Conference Teamsters Pension and a 401k. With the International Brotherhood of Teamsters I have the total package. They have blessed my life and they have enriched my future. Fedex has put the money that they would've paid their employees in their own pockets at the expense of hard working employees who deserve retiree medical and the best pension out there the Western Conference Teamsters Pension. I am confident with a Teamsters Pension I will be able to retire comfortably with peace.
Q: Are you confident you will not have to return to work once you retire because of financial hardship?
A: Yes, I am confident I will not have to return to work once I retire because there will be no reason for me to return to work. I have more then a substantial amount of income to live the way I am accustomed to right now. I don't have to spend my time worrying about where the money is going to come from because I am guaranteed the money in my Teamsters Pension. Plus I have retiree medical which was negotiated in the contract by the Teamsters who safeguarded my future. When the Teamsters go to the bargaining table they bring the most important voice to the table. The voice of the workers.
Q: What do you think of Joe Nuno and the various organizing committees organizing fedex thoughout Southern California?
A: I think it is fantastic to see the Fedex Teamsters involved and persistent to change the environment in their workplace. The Fedex Teamsters have a great and devoted following. It takes a lot to stand up to the constant harassment from the Fedex management and gain a voice in the workplace forming a union. There's a right way and a wrong way to live life and I am encouraged to see people fighting for their rights. I am honored to stand with you guys. It is also very encouraging to see Joey Nuno with his father, Joe Nuno. It is very touching to see a father bring up his son with a deep passion for other people's rights putting other people's needs above his own. I am pleased to see the bright future joined between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Fedex.


Federal Blogster said...

Mr. Pineira, true stories such as yours need to be heard by the workers at FedEx!! The management doesn't want the truth about the Teamster Pension to reach the average employee, and they do their best to spread lies and disinformation about the Teamsters; and why wouldn't they, many of these few people are making more than double what a dockworker makes, so their pension might be alright. As for most people who work for this company lets take a look at what the FedEx retirement. About three years ago a dockworker retired after 17 years with the company. The FedEx pension he received amounted to $173 a month. When he faced the arithmatic and found out what his FedEx pension was he thanked God that he had his Teamster pension from his previous job otherwise he'd be living up S____ Creek! I don't know where that place is, perhaps it's in a different state, or even a different country. Whatever it is it doesn't work around here. People better wise up and Organize!


Mr.pineira it is my pleasure to congratulate you on a healthy pension,Good luck in your future!

Diversity WHT said...

No Union!
No Contract!
No Pension!
Saves Money!

hoffa life said...

no pension saves money???

hoffa life said...

i want a pension

Larry the hostler said...

wow 4100 a month, now that is the best one yet. Now I have to admit that is a good retirement, the best one i have heard yet. Now is that 4100 a month for 7 years or for the rest of your life? Ill do some math right now.
$2080 x $5= $10,400 a year
$10,400 x 33 yrs= $343,200
$343,200 divided by $4,100= 84
84 divided by 12= 7years

so your telling me by your numbers you will have $4,100 a month for 7 years and thats it. so here is some more math.
$343,200 divided by 15 years = $22,880 a year
thats $1906.67 a month if you wanted your pension to last longer then 7 years and try for 15 years. Hey im just doing the figures you all give me so let me know if im wrong? but that doesnt sound that good either. Larry

sonny said...

the Fedex pension is a weak one time pay out the Teamster pension lasts until you die taking care of your family. Fedex is just a weak junk wanna be Teamster pension. Grow up Fedex play with the big boys oh wait you can't compete with the most powerful union in the world: The Teamsters

Hoffa Life said...

thank you for your help Frank P. my future brother Teamster


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discovery said...

It should be noted that unlike the Union Busting seminars ofRichard Brown which cost the company considerable sums of money and exclude the FedEx workers. The meeting at the Teamsters local 952 in Orange is open to everyone and it costs nothing.

JOE NUNO said...

you guys need to focus more on our on issues,forget about larry the hostler.we are sidetracking away let him say what he have to say ignore him,pay no attention to his blogs,and bugsy thats enough comments,and the rest of the commitee lets get back on track.whittier hope you guys are preparing your reports for our next agenda, I've been hearing some of the good feedback great job guys your doing a good job!also I've been talking to our incognito terminal there pulling thru and doing a hell of job keeping it on the lowdown.I'm also trying to arrange local 63 to schedule our next gathering once I have a date I will contact a member of each commitee from terminals and confirm.Hopefully in the future will have a new computer site for conference only,and to log on it you'll need a pass word to enter and this site is only going to be for Teamster officials and commitees only.And conference only works by time schedule maybe arranging 1st saturday of the month. Hey cliff from all the brothers and sisters great job on the business cards,And also Mr.Administrator from changefedextowin you're doing a good job,and you too (kat),And one last comment all the locals and Washigton D.C are saying great job.Well thats it guys and remember guys keep the dirty side down.GODBLESS AMERICA!!


(FEDEX FIRINGS FOCUS OF LABOR BOARD COMPLAINT)Fedex Corp.,the world's largest air-cargo carrier,sought to thwart a Teamsters organizing drive by firing four workers who showed interest in the union,the national labor relations board said in a complaint.Fedex also pressured some delivery employees in Northborough Massachusette.,to say whether they or colleages supported the union and told works the organizing effort in late 2005 and early 2006 would be futile, according to the complaint.Fedex has until april 13 to respond to the complaint,which is scheduled for a June 18 hearing with an administrative Law Judge.