Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Let us know what is happening at your terminal or service center.Tell us what anti-union tactics your managers and supervisors have done to you or your fellow employee's.Not just at FedEx Freight,but also at,LTL,GROUND,EXPRESS.There maybe some Federal Laws being broken!

Example:We found out today that the O.M. at the Fontana service center has been interrogating P & D drivers in his office behind closed doors. Asking them about their feelings towards the union.U.S. Labor Laws says it is illegal for employers to engage in this manner!

If your rights are violated,report it to the National Labor Relations Board regional office,your terminal union committee or Teamsters Local in your area.

Stand up for dignity and respect on the job.Report all violations-your employer must respect your rights.

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Anonymous said...

ok that is fine ill try not to offend anymore of you with what i write. Yeah it does seem like im hostile, but your wrong. I am upset that people comment against me saying that im either management or a puppet. Its kind of funny that you can say that but what if i say that your doing this for false promises? What if i accuse you all of being promised something for doing this? What if i accuse you of only caring about yourselves but yet try and make us believe that you are doing it for us? Do I say anything accusing you of doing this for any other reason but wanting the union? I dont do these things, but yet you can? You just cant believe that someone, on their own, speaks out. Kind of weird how there are double standards here. I even agree with some things you say, but yet i must be management. My comments were deleted on the other page and now i can no longer comment, why? Could it be that i make sense? Could it be that you cant answer simple questions that i have? I understand that you deleted my comments for cussing, so ill say im sorry for that. I am just irritated that after all I have said, the only comments i get are about something I didnt write. I dont like the fact that I listen and read what everyone else says, but yet you cant. Tell me if im in the wrong here, but isnt that why you want the union, to get rid of this kinda stuff? Dont you say that management is hiding stuff, but yet when i make a point it gets deleted. All this work you all are doing and this is what it comes down to. The same reasons that you say you want the union are the same things that are happening here. Everyone keeps saying they are doing this for all of us, but yet have nothing to show for us. You cant tell me you are doing this for me or anyone of my fellow employees if you cant proove it. I dont agree with any management, or non union employee harrassing anyone for there point of view. I dont agree with anybody pushing anyone around. But i also do not agree with someone else cleaning up the mess that all of you have just let be. We can make a difference, we dont need to join any party other then our own. You want to unite, lets unite....together. You want change, lets have a change. You wanna call me and others your brothers and sisters, then help us. Join the union of us, the workers. All im sayins is that i hear and read about how fedex has all these problems, well so does the union, that should show you that nothing is perfect. Life is what you make of it. Why sit back and let others take care of problems we have. Do you ask the person down the street to come over when you have problems in your home? So why ask a stranger to our home here? There is so much knowledge that is lacking in these problems. If people knew more about their rights here, they would have as many problems. Tell me if im wrong, but would you be proud to know that you and us have changed the company for the better? Wouldnt you have more pride knowing that you fixed a problem rather then calling in someone else? I know i would. Larry

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the deleted comments.Yours were not the only comments deleted.We are new to this format.Our mistake.

Anonymous said...

Dude,when a person is suspended for for a first offence without a verbal.Then management says that has always been company policy,it does't say that in the employee handbook.There's no rights here.When a pro-union worker is injured by a fellow worker who is related to management and that person who injured him is now training for a supervisor there's no rights here.
If they fta say will get top of scale like wht & oc in 3yrs.Then give fta top of scale in 3months because they hear about the organizing.There's no rules,just lies. You figure it out.Hostler.

Anonymous said...

when a person is suspended for the first offense? What was the offense because unless you do something very bad or wrong they have to follow policies. See if you know your rights why not fight when you are wrong, see to me it sounds like your not telling the whole story, you are not really making any sense. And what do you want me to figure out, why we got our raise, why the company is trying to change now? What are you trying to say here, now just tthink for a moment and get your thoughts together and then tell me the whole story, let me understand why you are even writting me. Larry

Anonymous said...

It happens at FedEx! I know of multiple cases of people being suspended for a day or most of a day for what amounts to nothing. I even know of one person who was arbitrarily fired. Due to the existance of labor lawyers he got his job back.

Anonymous said...

see this is just another case of not knowing. I am sure that if the person, or persons you are talking about knew their rights, non of that would have happened, well unless the story you are telling is just that, a story. See i have noticed that most of the reasons that i have heard about the management doing you all wrong, was either lack of knowledge, or the stories were not complete. You cant get mad for getting into trouble when you do something wrong, I know this first hand. I am not what most of you think and call me. If you knew me then you would know how far from the truth you really are. I dont side with managers, and i dont side with most who have any kind of opinion that is different from mine. I am just very outspoken, and i stand up for what i believe. I believe that you should get a honest pay for an honest day of work. I do believe that Fedex can do better with policies and plans. But i am not going to put a stop on my own rights. I am not going to bring someone else's plan in my home. I want my own plan, i want something that benefits all of us. I want to have something to look forward to when i retire. So here, ill give you that the pension plan for the union pays out more then the one we have by three times as much. But its still not enough to retire on. Here are the numbers all of you gave me- the union pension pays you $5 for every hour up to 2,080 hours a year. ok so this is 40 hours for 52 weeks. That only works out better for full timers. so lets say i put in 50 hours a week for 52 weeks......what do we get? that is 2600hours a year. so that is me loosing $5 an hour for 520 hours. thats $2600 i havnt made. So let me ask you this, why cant any party match us hour for hour. Why cant we be guranteed our retirement. I started at the company when i was 18 im 26 now, so by the time i am 38, ill have 20 years in, but i probably wont want to retire yet, ill still be young. ok so add atleast 10 to 20 more years, ill be 58, now that is a good retiring age. so lets count this up. So if i put 40 years into the union, my pension would be a total of $416,000. Can you say WOW? 40 years = $416,000. Now that is what i call a retirement.$0 years of service to get double of what hoffa makes in a year. Umm I dont think that sounds good either. Now lets go this way. If I work 40 years non-union, invest my 401k right, well i cant really tell you the real numbers, but its slightly higher then the pension from the union. And i still faught all my own battles. I would rather do that. I always believe to dont get anything for free, and if you work for it you will appreciate it more when you finally get it. Larry

Anonymous said...

Express Employees Get 1% Raises while FedEx Officers Get 3.5% Raise
Although the admission by FedEx in its annual report that it has received a subpoena from the Dept. of Justice in its investigation into price fixing in the admission of fuel surcharges has made the headlines, the company also filed a quarterly report (Form 8-K) with the SEC that laid out the pay and bonuses for the 5 highest executive officers.

The money quote is: “Each named executive officer’s annual base salary was increased by 3.5%.” But of course, the galling compensation package doesn’t stop with just salary.

For example, let’s look at Fred Smith’s basic package - but remember this doesn’t include stock options or other pay that are disclosed in the annual proxy:
Annual Salary = $1,399,848 (with his 3.5% raise)
Annual Bonus = $2,679,147
Incentive Bonus = $3,375,000
2006 SALARY PLUS BONUS = $7,453,995