Monday, June 11, 2007


Did you know that CEO's of major corporations have contracts? Yet some of these CEO's and their multi-billion dollar companies will do anything, including spending millions of dollars, to hire union busters to keep you and your fellow employees from organizing and getting a teamster contract with good wages, medical benefits, and a decent pension with retiree benefits!
The time to organize is now!


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Teamster Victory at FedEx Home Delivery Wins Government Certification

National Labor Relations Board Move Follows Company’s Stall Tactics

Sean O'Brien
(617) 797-2220
June 21, 2007

(Boston, MA) – After more than eight months, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has finally certified the election in which FedEx Home Delivery drivers at two locations in Wilmington, Massachusetts, voted 24-8 to overwhelmingly choose Teamsters Local 25 in Boston as their bargaining representative.

The workers voted in October 2006 to join the Teamsters, and the ballots were counted a month later.

The workers are the first units in the FedEx Home Delivery system, a subsidiary of FedEx Ground, to win Teamster representation. Since 2001, NLRB regional offices have ruled six consecutive times that FedEx Ground and Home Delivery drivers are not independent contractors as the company alleges, giving them the right as employees to form a union.

“This latest step by the NLRB knocks down another obstacle in the way of these drivers getting a fair and equitable contract at FedEx Home Delivery in Boston,” said Teamsters Local Union 25 President Sean M. O’Brien. “We fully expect that the years of hard work, delivering packages and profits for FedEx by these drivers will be reflected in a collective bargaining agreement.”

FedEx Ground employed stall tactics during the months after the election in an attempt to deny the drivers their federally protected right to join a union. Its final attempt was quashed when the NLRB refused to reconsider its ruling that ordered the October 20 representation election, paving the way for the vote count in mid-November.

Following the vote count in November, which confirmed the election of Local 25 as the collective bargaining agent for the Home Delivery drivers, the company objected to the election results in proceedings before the NLRB. The frivolous charges included the claim by the company that a number of the immigrant drivers were unable to understand English to such an extent that they were “fooled” by the union election materials. The Administrative Law Judge who heard this insulting and humiliating accusation threw out that charge as well as all of the other company’s objections.

“The Home Delivery drivers in Boston made their choice acting in unison to join the Teamsters,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “FedEx has shown they will do and say anything to keep the Ground and Home Delivery drivers under the heel of the company’s contractor scam. FedEx Ground and Home Delivery drivers and the Teamsters together will secure these workers their proper rights and pay and benefits.”