Monday, June 4, 2007


Sundays meeting was a great success.Thank you all for coming to this meeting and learning about your rights to organize.It was nice to see some familiar faces again and especially all the new people who came also.A big "Thank You" to Ramiro from Local 63,for giving us great and useful information, you did a great job!


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FedEx Home Delivery Drivers Vote Yes for Teamsters in Connecticut

Latest Unit to Join Teamsters Union in Drive for Rights and Respect

Contact: David White
(202) 439-1904
June 4, 2007

(Washington, D.C.) - A group of drivers at the FedEx Home Delivery terminal in Windsor, Connecticut, who voted 12 to 9 to join the Teamsters Union on May 11, became members of Local 671 when the ballots were finally counted on Friday, June 1, due to delaying tactics by the company.

The FedEx Home Delivery single-route drivers are seeking to regain their rights and respect from a company that illegally classifies them as “contractors.” After the election is certified, Teamsters Local 671 and driver representatives will begin to bargain a contract that secures the long overdue wages, benefits and rights for these employees.

The drivers’ vote follows a similar outcome of two FedEx Home Delivery terminals outside Boston that joined Teamsters Local 25 in late 2006. The illegal FedEx Ground and Home Delivery business model of labeling its drivers as “contractors” but controlling them as employees is being challenged by FedEx workers around the country.

“The FedEx drivers are sick and tired of the misclassification that denies them fair pay and benefits and lines the pockets of FedEx management with the profits the drivers deliver every day,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “The FedEx contractor scam has run roughshod over these workers for too long. This vote for the Teamsters marks the end of the scam for these drivers.”

“Many of the FedEx drivers in Hartford struggled for years inside the FedEx Ground scam and found the system was always tilted against them,” said Teamsters Parcel and Small Package Division Director and International Vice President Ken Hall. “FedEx would routinely make promises and not live up to them or give something here only to take it away somewhere else. By joining the Teamsters, these drivers have clearly announced to the company that it is a new day and there will be a new way.”

“Connecticut Teamsters are fully prepared to join with these newest members from FedEx to sit down with the company and hammer out a contract that provides them with the pay and benefits they deserve,” said Teamsters Local 671 President Dave Lucas.

“This is obviously a big step for these drivers but this vote will also open the eyes of people around the state to what exactly is going on with the misclassification abuse at FedEx,” Lucas said.

An election at another FedEx Home Delivery terminal in Northboro, Massachusetts is pending while the company faces a complaint issued by the National Labor Relations Board Region 1. The NLRB Region 1 complaint charges FedEx with retaliating against drivers for testifying before the NLRB and other protected union activities. The complaint further charges that the company fabricated evidence of wrongdoing and terminated four drivers for their protected free speech and union support.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States and Canada.

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