Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Summary of Reddaway Contract

§ Guaranteed annual raises for life of contract (5 years)

§ Participation under Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund: Immediate vesting, and you are entitled to two years of credit for every year of employment, up to a limit of 10 years. After working 5 years, your pension benefits would add up as if you had been in the plan for 15 years.

§ Representation and grievance process; you are no longer an “at-will” employee. USF Reddaway management can make no unilateral changes to your working conditions. Work rules are subject to negotiation. Protection against loss of bargaining unit work through sub-contracting.

§ Vacation paid at 1/52

§ Improved health insurance benefits

§ Paid jury duty (5 days)

§ Senioriy prevails for bids, vacation, etc. No more favoritism.

§ Orderly and fair process for workers to become full-time employees

§ Workers at non-union terminals will not receive superior wages or benefits.

§ Initiation fee is waived for those employed prior to execution of contract. No dues paid until contract executed

§ Workers in approximately 50 other terminals in western U.S. are eligible for representation under contract as soon as it is ratified at recognized terminals. Card check recognition for new terminals.

* This is a sample of what a contract can get us if we all unite together.

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Anonymous said...

Just a clarification of the 1/52 vacation issue: The former USF Bestway workers are still receiving their weekly vacation checks based on 40 hours of regular pay. In comparison, former (pre-merger) Reddaway workers receive 1/52 of their annual pay per week.

In other words, former Reddaway workers also receive a proportionate amount of their overtime, while former Bestway

The contract enagles all current workers to receive equal treatment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on Reddaway's contract.I cannot wait until we here at FedEx get a contract.

Anonymous said...

yes, the contract is good and that is what we need at fedex, for a better place to work and to be a full time employee..

Anonymous said...

I'am for joining the Teamsters, and would like to be hired as a full time dockworker employee and not feel like a temporary worker from a job agency, lets get our respect and create our contract.

teamster organizer said...

Just a clarification on what 1/52 vacation means. For some workers, they got a week's worth of vacation paid out at 40 hours of regular work (no overtime). For others, they got 1/52 of their annual pay (which means that overtime was figured in.)

Depending on the overtime that a worker earned over a year, that could make a significant difference. The contract calls for equality among all USF Reddaway workers.

Anonymous said...

I am a three-year dockworker who has seen our female O.M. ask for some kind of proof that another dockworker “prove” that he was going to a funeral. He just asked for one day. Our bereavement leave is three day’s off in our handbook. Another situation involved another dockworker who needed a couple of days to pick up a family member who needed to get back home, but no one else could do this for him. Therefore, she wanted some kind of proof again, like a bus or airline ticket of some sort. It seems to me that this O.M. is over stepping her authority and harassing people for no apparent reason!
Sounds like the people who are organizing here at FedEx are doing the “Right Thing” for the “Right Reasons”

Anonymous said...

I'm not that good at math,but if you've already wasted 10 years,then I don't think you should throw another perfectly good year on top of the heap,there's nothing to be gained by wallowing in the past,so make a diffrent and be wise and organize!!

Anonymous said...

I been working for fedex for 2 years. I seen that if you did not play the o m game, you will not get hrs or move up or get a day off or vac. when you ask for one. I been watching the blog and the more I read, the more I find out. the people with the sign on there cars or right.I will be in your side when it comes to a vote.

Anonymous said...

It sound like my o m, he said that he was going to give me more hrs but because i did not agreed and play his game, he is pick on me and sending me home and,that why I am not getting my hrs... I LIKE THE REDDAWAY CONTRACT WILL WE GET ONE HERE AT FEDEX..


Anonymous said...

About a couple of weeks in fontana a.m dock, our inbound trailers were being delay and I show up for work and a few other co-workers, tami ask us if we would volunteer to go home, so I volunteer and few others, but after seeing this blogsite and reading some of the past comments, regarding in our handbook about full time workers being paid 4 hours of paid and 2 hours for part time workers, I was'nt paid for two hours of work in my last paycheck, is this legal even if I volunteer to go home or do I have to file a labor dispute against fedex frt.
but if this is a true violation of the labor laws, then I would to learn more about the the teamsters rights

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous, who those fedex fear the most? The labor laws or they fear this female operation manager?

Anonymous said...

A quote from a retired Teamsters line driver of Fedex; Keeping a thorough written contract is a challenge you can meet.
Be wise and organize for the Teamsters!

Anonymous said...

Our nation's Fedex truckers, dockworks, and clericals, deserve kudos for what they do for all of us, without you we would'nt be flying, think Teamsters!

Anonymous said...

I just got out from the terminal and I happen to see some litature about reddaway summary contract,it is true about part timers being full time employees now that they voted for the teamsters?

Anonymous said...

Hi, my friend and I are glad the west coast is standing up for the union. I am from Little Havana Florida. I work for FedEx express we do need a union here also.

Anonymous said...

Todays meeting at local 952 was very educational, I'm a part time dockworker at gardena svc, and talking to some of the reddaway dockworkers gave me more wings to be a teamsters!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the line drivers get 1/52 of their annual pay per week at Fedex?

irudedog said...

Yes, they do receive 1/52 for vacation pay. Where as a local driver and full time dockworkers receive 1/40 for vacation pay. Say a line driver makes $60,000 one-year divide that by 52 = $1,154 per week take home of vacation pay. A local driver makes $22.40 an hour times 40hr week would only get $892 a week of vacation pay. With a contract that Reddaway has, makes it even so that everyone uses the 1/52 formula.

Anonymous said...

Who needs to limit or question his power? But we know what power does, so a good union, or a good lawyer, makes sure the other side(s) are honest by preparing for when the other side(s) aren't honest.

Ideally it goes farther and helps the workers demand what is theirs.

No returns for privilege; full returns for labor! Labor has a right to all that it creates.

by Mike Erwin

Anonymous said...

But I also recognize the need to support unions and ensure that our blue-collar workers receive the wages, benefits, and support that they have earned.

"If you've read me...then you know what to expect. If not, it's really simple: I say what I mean and mean what I say."

Anonymous said...

Some may not know a whole lot about the legal and legislative challenges we face, but know that a strong Progressive movement needs a strong Labor movement.

Anonymous said...

To all FedEx service centers:

A leader is a person or an organization that continually strive for Excellence in everyday practice.
Teamsters are an organization that leads by example:
Our primary focus is the well-being of our Line Drivers, P & d Drivers, Dockworkers, and Clericals, and because of this, we are able to achieve and make a community Involvement.
Also by providing a positive and encouraging Environment.
So let’s be wise and organize, and become a leader for others to follow!

Anonymous said...

this Administration has really stuck it to organized labor on many fronts. There is no way one can truly be for progressive change without also being for a revitilized labor movement.

Anonymous said...

Anti-union ~= "ignore" ~= always have union (0 / 0)
Ideally, for me at least, the distinction between "labor" & "management" ought to largely disappear, with a large flattening of roles, responsibilities & salaries & benefits of "management."

In such a world I'm not sure there'd be a need for a "union" per se, but on the other hand, we're certainly not there yet, and I understand and support unions until that day.

On the other other hand, though, in my own situation, even though formally I'm not "managment," I have a boatload of pull in the company in which I'm employed. Would I join a union?

It's certainly had its minuses where I work- I won't say more about that.

"It's better to realize you're a swan than to live life as a disgruntled duck."

Anonymous said...

Good on y'all!
Keep up the great work!

"the people have the power to redeem the work of fools" --Patti Smith

Anonymous said...

My dad was a Steelworker
We were immigrants after WWII. For a while we lived hand to mouth until he got a job at a place with a union. That is what allowed me to go to university. My mother worked too, but until he got that job we would never have been able to send me to college. Unions really did build the middle class.