Sunday, August 26, 2007

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irudedog said...

Cross your T's and dot your I's and do what is expected from all of you, drivers and dockworkers.
And report if anyone of you are written up.All these new items being brought up for Dr's and Bill of Ladings, might just be the beginning of terminations.

Be Wise And Organize!

Anonymous said...

Talk about termination procedure at Fontana service center, FedEx management is tracking your hired application papers and your I9 form clearance to see if any mistake where’d made from 20 years and on, their excuse is that the company is being audited.
But the reality is that organizer of FedEx committees are actually being under the microscope, just to find any reason to fire you because of you union involvements.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Fred Smith and his politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to ignore our country's working families, and the gap between the rich and poor grows larger with every passing day. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The purpose of representative government is to curb the excesses of the moneyed interests.” Unfortunately, our elected officials cater almost exclusively to Big Business at the expense of working Americans.

Anonymous said...

The Government Affairs Department is committed to educating, mobilizing, and equipping our members to become an army of activists so that—from the halls of Congress to the ballot box—the Teamsters will speak with a unified and overwhelming voice.

Anonymous said...

At Whittier the harassment from the managers is continuing and Andy Lessin talked to me personally about the Union and how bad the Union is. When antoher dockworker started walking up to me Andy got real quiet and would not speak anymore. I was harassed by JR Rios about the union and now Andy too. I am scared Andy is going to fire me because he thinks I am for the Union. Andy you say you are not for the Union but you are just trying to hurt the people who work under you. Whos really wicked?

Anonymous said...

Rights of Employees

Sec. 7. [Sec. 157.] Employes shall have the right to self- organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection, and shall also have the right to refrain from any or all such activities except to the extent that such right may be affected by an agreement requiring membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment as authorized in section 8(a)(3) [section 158(a)(3) of this title.

Unfair Labor Practices

Sec. 8. [Sec. 158.] (a) [Unfair labor practices by employer] It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employer--

(1) to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in section 7 [section 157 of this title];

Prevention of Unfair Labor Practices

Sec. 10. [Sec. 160.] (a) [Powers of Board generally] The Board is empowered, as hereinafter provided, to prevent any person from engaging in any unfair labor practice (listed in section 8 [section 158 of this title])

Mr. anonymous I think we should file a labor charge against this manager, please don’t fear and tell your other co-workers also not to fear about trying to form a union in the work place, it’s your rights and freedom of choice, the labor laws protects you and you co-workers.

Please e-mail us and contact us at

Anonymous said...

Joe Nuno please call Yaneth Palencia of Region 31 of the National Labor Relations Board, at 310-235-7167 A.S.A.P

Anonymous said...

I’m am a concerned driver at the Fontana Service center who wants to know how one person can be punished for letting his medical card expire and not the driver trainer who does not even do his job right at all! And doesn’t inform the driver that his medical card has expired, not just one day, but nineteen day’s! And the only reason why this was caught at all was because of a DOT audit! If this had not happened, it could have been longer. Or is management knowingly setting up a pro-union driver for termination? Yes, the driver is responsible for a mistake anyone of us could have done, but what about a person who is put into a position to supervise many others and not take any fault?

Anonymous said...

I heard what happened to Joe today and it isn't right. Joe was suspended today for driving with an expired medical card. FedEx has a double standard when it comes to line drivers and local drivers. Joe was unaware his medical card expired. Nobody from the company told him his medical was going to expire. A driver trainer or manager should have said something. All the line drivers are notified well in advance on the company computer everyday when they log on that their medical card and or licence is going to expire. Why does the company only have this in place for the line drivers? FedEx should have the same system for both local and line drivers to be notified. It is very unfair that Joe got suspended, he should have been just required to take time off to get his licence in order. It sounds like FedEx is looking for any excuse to fire someone. That's why we need to organize and have some job protection in place. The company says in it's handbook you are an at will employee, so they can fire you anytime. BE WISE AND ORGANIZE

Anonymous said...

A Labor Day Message from General President James P. Hoffa

August 31, 2007

This Monday, we pay tribute to the millions of hardworking men and women who make our world better and keep our country vital. The recognition is well-deserved, although a single day hardly seems adequate to address the contributions of workers and the generations who preceded them.

As we approach Labor Day, the American labor movement is reinvigorated and working for profoundly important things: the continued existence of the middle class and our national safety. I’m proud that the 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union are at the forefront of this effort.

Our most immediate struggle is taking place now, as we face an immediate threat to our country’s well-being, courtesy of big business and the very person who should be protecting our safety. Despite overwhelming bipartisan congressional opposition and in defiance of public opinion, President Bush and his administration are trying to sidestep safety regulations in his ill-planned effort to open our highways to Mexican trucks. Of all weekends to recklessly open our highways to dangerous trucks, the president chose one of the busiest of the year — what a slap in the face to all Americans!

Safety is one of the key reasons — along with wages and benefits, and retirement security — that thousands of school bus drivers, logistics workers, airline workers, public service employees and sanitation workers have voted to become Teamsters Union members in the past year. As we have focused our organizing efforts on key industries, such as transportation, logistics and public services, more and more workers are able to secure fair compensation for them and their families, as well as improved treatment and safer conditions at work.

But we can and must do more.

I urge you to support political plans that are in the best interests of all Americans. You can make a difference by meeting workers in organizing drives; attending rallies; urging politicians to support issues such as fair trade and universal health care; voting for pro-labor candidates; and by becoming a member of DRIVE, our powerful political action committee.

While some politicians seem to think that handing hot dogs to workers and making a nice speech at a picnic will take care of labor issues for another year, we must remind them why Labor Day was established 113 years ago to ensure that the knowledge of labor’s great contributions to society lives on.

This is one reason we have joined with the Netroots, to raise our issues and public awareness for labor among a new generation of online activists and workers. Join the discussions, the online blogging communities in your states and hometowns and talk about your union. Be proud of the century-old Teamster legacy, and tell others what it means to be in a union — solidarity, democracy, respect. Because if we don't educate the public, no one will.

We must maintain respect for those willing to work with their hands, put in an honest day’s work and take pride in a craft or a job well done. It has always been laborers who were the first to stand up against injustice. Doing so, too many workers lost their lives to gain the rights and benefits that enable workers to support themselves and their families today.

On this Labor Day, I ask you for your continued support and involvement as we build support for working Americans.

Anonymous said...

I am getting harassed more and more at Whittier. Supervisors are always talking down to me and when I get over my hours or overtime they get all in my face yelling at me like it is my fault for wanting to help them out and work for the company. I dont understand why I get yelled at when I am trying to help them get the freight out to the customers. What is really important the performance numbers or getting the freight out for customers? It is not any fun when I am working and the supervisors Cesar Cuevas starts yelling at me to. I am trying to do a hard job and the last thing I need is to be yelled and made fun of at as I am carrying a heavy box sweating hard in the heat. Everyone knows how hot it is and we dont even get a water break to cool off. ridiculus! I would not recomend fedex as a place to work but a place to get harassed