Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Teamsters and MEM Mechanics Announce Meeting

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg - We, as FedEx Express employees, have lived and enjoyed working for a company that has historically utilized a People Service Profit philosophy. Take care of your people and your people will take care of you. This worked well for FedEx as the company established itself and developed a new industry. Today, we live and work in an environment that dictates that the company no longer wishes to do business as a company and must evolve into a corporation. This transition signaled an end to the PSP philosophy for us. The Corporation has shown us what we need to do in order to secure our future and livelihood here at FedEx. We need a union now! We need the Teamsters now! Signed, FedxMX Organizing Committee

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irudedog said...

We need a union now!

As everyone has seen, we can give our best effort to provide and support the "promise." We are told if we work smart, we will be rewarded for our efforts. In the end when the profits and SQI are added up, we ultimately received nothing for those efforts. Then, management receives some of the largest payouts in history as their bonus. They give us zero while they receive large sums of "our" hard earned money.

The Teamsters have proven that they can solidify a contract that is both favorable and fair to all employees they represent. They are the strongest and have the longest history of standing up to corporate greed, securing a favorable future and providing a strong UNIFIED voice for all workers they represent.

We have invited the Teamsters here to give you an opportunity to stand up for yourselves and let your voice be heard. You and your family deserve a contract that ensures you have a fair and equitable stake in the fortunes of YOUR FedEx. We must start taking control of our lives. Stand up for yourself, get involved and sign a card. This is our future: we must secure that future with strong unity, a strong voice and a strong union!

We need the Teamsters now!

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg

Anonymous said...

These are but a few things we all need to stop and think about. Those of us who are working to bring a union to FedEx workers aren't just thinking about a single target issue or group of employees. Our efforts encompass the best interests of all hourly employees who work for FedEx. We also believe that by making FedEx a more equitable and humane company for all its workers, we will, in the process, make FedEx a healthier and more prosperous company in the long run. Remember....

It's not just about unfair policies. It's not just about senseless procedures.
It's not just about benefits. It's not just about wages.
It's not just about full-timers.
It's not just about part timers.
It's not just about drivers.
It's not just about pensions.

It's about all these things and more!
In other words....
It's about DIGNITY!
It's about a contract!

I want to thank every one who blog today, good job guys, be wise and organize!

Anonymous said...

What Foremen and Supervisors Cannot Do!

1. Attend any union meetings, park or stand in close proximity to the union hall to see which employees enter the hall or engage in any undercover activity which would indicate that employees are being kept under surveillance to determine who is participating in union activities.

2. Threaten, punish, lay off or terminate employees for engaging in union activities during non-working hours in non-working environments (break rooms, lunch rooms, locker rooms, employee parking areas etc.). (*See below!*)

3. Transfer employees on the basis of their known or suspected union affiliations and/or activities.

4. Select employees to be laid off with the intent to weaken the union's strength or discourage membership in a union.

5. Promise or grant employees wage increases, promotions, benefits or any other special concessions if they do not participate in union activities, withdraw from an established union or vote against unionization.

6. Discriminate against union members when disciplining employees.

7. Discipline union employees or those known to be engaging in union activities for a particular action while permitting other employees to go unpunished for the same action.

8. Deviate from company policy for the purpose of getting rid of a union.

9. Threaten employees with economic reprisal for participating in union activities. For example, threaten to move the plant, close the business, lay off employees, curtail operations, reduce employee benefits, eliminate overtime and/or premium pay or otherwise reduce or eliminate privileges which are presently enjoyed by employees.

10. Announce that the company will not deal with a union.

11. Purposely team up non-union employees to isolate them from those the company believes are affiliated with the union.

12. Become involved in arguments that may lead to a physical encounter with an employee over the union question. (**See below!**)

13. Start a petition or publication against the union or encourage or take part in the circulation of such a petition or publication if started by employees.

14. Ask employees about confidential union matters, meetings, etc. (Some employees may, of their own accord, volunteer information on such matters. It is not an unfair labor practice to listen, but management must not ask questions to obtain additional information.)

15. Ask employees what they think about the union or a union representative.

16. Ask employees whether or not they belong to a union or have signed up for a union.

17. Ask employees how they intend to vote.

18. Threaten or coerce workers in an attempt to influence their vote.

19. Give financial or other assistance to a union or to employees, regardless of whether or not they are supporting or opposing the union.

20. Ask a prospective employee during a pre-employment interview about his affiliations with labor organizations.

21. Visit the homes of employees to urge them to reject the union.

*You are protected by law from any type of harassment or disciplinary action from your employer for talking to fellow employees about the union as long as you do so in the above mentioned non-work areas *and* provided that both you and the employee you are speaking to are on non-work time. That means that both of you must either be on break or lunch time or are conversing prior to or after punching out. In short, so long as the company is not paying either of you for the time you are spending discussing union matters and so long as you are not in a designated working area, you have the right to freely discuss union.

Anonymous said...

i'm being descrimated at fed ex at whittier. some supervisor at whittier is favoring the one's that they like to kiss ass to them by giving hours, why is some part employee gets more hours then me. Every one at whittier knows that there's another fed ex facility will be open sometime next year, at a meeting recently, subject was that any part time wants to transfer over to new fed ex will guarantee a full time. what is fed ex trying to do? why bribe them? why should any employee go extra miles for fed ex?