Saturday, December 15, 2007

From X-Man,Southern Regional Manager ...

Original comment from "Change To Win Archives":

10/12/2006, 02:38
Question 3-YOUR WRONG-You have 4 chances per year to talk to an Executive or A Regional Director during your employee meeting week.

Could someone from this website ask for Joe to respond to this question? Maybe he's too scared to sit down and really find out the REAL FACTS about our Company and that HE can look forward to a pension--It's not the best...but it's something.

Well X-man we do want the best, it's the Western Conference Pension Fund.



Anonymous said...

X-Man, how long have you been around? Maybe you're new enough that the portable was already in place when you started here. This new pension may be "something" but IT'S NOT WHAT WAS PROMISED YEARS AGO! That has been STOLEN from long-time employees!

Anonymous said...

If this company is the best company and expects the best from it's employees why doesn't it pay the best and provide the best pension plan.

Anonymous said...

Could someone from FedEx ask X-man how much of a pension he is getting?
Or is he to scared to answer his incredible pension, is the best, and X-man is set for life.