Thursday, May 29, 2008

DHL And UPS Deal ...

May 28,2008.

DHL and UPS have announced of a contract between the two companies of transferring DHL Express "air lift" functions within North America to UPS. Under this deal DHL will pay UPS $1 Billion a year for 10 years.

A spokesman for Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp., Maury Lane, declined to say whether his company sought the air transport arrangement that DHL announced Wednesday that it was working out with Atlanta-based UPS.

"The reason they chose UPS over FedEx -- we don't know this -- but UPS probably gave them a better price," Ross said.

FedEx Watch Dogs have learn through sources at DHL,the reason FedEx did not get a chance to get into this deal was because of the Union community,both companies are unionized.Dealing with non-union companies was not a option!

So FedEx lost out on $1 Billion a year,because they refuse to let their employees organize! This loss, of some great revenue was Corporates doing. Not the drivers, dock worker or office personnel. I wonder if our shareholders are going to suspend the upper brass without pay???

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Anonymous said...

Now that everybody got this attention, I as a member of a union, hope they start pulling the plug on non-union carrier. where no non-union shall pick-up or deliver to unionized shop. No more fedex frt at Vons whse, Stater Bros whse, and Ralph whse, or construction site that are unionized, or any other unizonized facility in the public sectors such as schools police forces or offices (OPIU, SEIU ). Hate for this to happen until the upper management at FedEx recognize FedEx employees as Teamsters.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations goes out to the Whittier Am Dock Safe Worker of the Month Sal Hernandez(As recognized by Fedex Freight WHT) Congratulations Sal and keep up the safe work. It is always good to see a Fedex Teamster recognized for a job well done.