Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quid Pro Quo

A "past practice" means things that have happened in the past, some employees have received disciplinary actions and some terminations. Some don’t get disciplinary action or get terminated.
Example at FedEx Frt. west, there has been drivers that have been fired for a D.U.I after court conviction has been giving, and now there is a driver that has had one, and didn’t get fired especially being a role model, but place in a different group and service center.
Now if those drivers that got fired for their D.U.I conviction got word of this and file a Labor Board charge against FedEx, the Arbitrator would rule on a past practice and those drivers would file a law suit after.
Managers have gotten fired for taking bribes in return for not firing a “favorite employee” or who is now called a “preferred employee”, that’s also a past practice.
There is word that this is happening in the southern region, once we have proof of this, we are not taking this to human resource, but to the Labor Board and the Equal Employees, Opportunity Commission, is this justice, or Quid Pro Quo?


Anonymous said...

This is happening in Whittier service center!!!!

Justrobb62 said...

Let it be known that this company will hang you out to dry !! I'm currently on suspension and are so called human resoures will not get back to me after a week of so called investigation ! HA ! What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Not here I've even talked to the supervisor of the company in question and i did appologise if i did say anything wrong. According to them it's case closed. But still here i sit. Being lied too , being told they call me and no phone call. Don't trust the human resourse dept here at fed ex freight west. I want the other drivers of this company to stand up for them selfs and their familys and say no more to the bulling you will get from the mangement of this company, If not i promise you ,you will lose in the end !

justrobb62 said...

Hello, and goodbye to my fellow ex drivers. Well i want you all to know that after 10 years with the company today is my last day. I'm writing this to all you other drivers out there that my service center manger here in tacoma got his way and was able to fire me. One run in with a customer and if they don't like you your gone. I just want you all to stand up for yourselfs and make this company take care of you all. I stood up to them for me and all of my fellow drivers and now you see what happens. My son died on december 23rd of this last year and i did'nt even get any sympathy from my own service center management not a word. Did'nt even say anything to my fellow drivers. Please guys and gals do whats right for you and future drivers for your company, if not this management will ruin this once great company. Good bye to all my ex viking drivers !! Go union !!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone in FTA knew this but at Whittier we have been told at public mettings that when part timers go to Devore that Whittier will begin to hire more part time workers. That really sucks why doesn't Fedex hire people to just work out at Devore and keep the part timers at their domicile. Fedex is not respecting the senority of the workers. Which is the usual with these people. I guess we need to expect less and less with this bullying management. They obviously don't care about disrupting peoples' lives.

rudy said...

Justrobb62, please send me a e mail at so we can talk to you.


Anonymous said...

Today at Whittier more harassment took place. This time a veteran employee was harassed because he used the bathroom 30 minutes before he took a break, then went back to work and took his break a half hour later. He went back to work 15 minutes later and then the supervisor started grilling him about how long he took a break. The supervisor told him "I don't care if you have worked here 20 years or 40 years you will be fired if you take a long break" This supervisor obviously having anger management issues and doesn't know how to talk to employees as he was very irate. The trailer caller wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise and kept grilling him trying to intimidate the employee which is the norm around Whittier.

Old school viking driver said...

Drivers of all service centers, ask for a copy of compliance you agreed and signed from your driver trainer.
In that form you signed states that you will follow all rules and regulation, that you will report any driver license infraction from a D.U.I to an open container and speeding ticket, whether in your personal car, to a company vehicle. Failure to comply is termination.
Requesting a copy of anything you have signed is law, under the California labor law code sec; 432.
Now this driver coming from Whittier to Devore was a driver trainer, lost privilege of his class “A” license and being the role model and example for others, has fail and wasn’t terminated.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the utter disrespect that is being payed to the workers going to Devore it is disrepectful and appalling the way they are being treated by Fedex management. Believe it there is a conspiracy to get rid of full time workers and drivers too. Fedex Freight is already hiring part time drivers in the East and Fedex Ground has several part time drivers making deliveries. We need to stand up and fight for what is right and preserve our jobs now. Don't listen to the hypocrisy and lies the management is trying to feed us. The management is not looking out for you nor are they your friend they are looking out for number one themselves and their golden egg which is their paycheck they will do anything and step on their best friend to preserve their jobs. So when you get frustrated at their negative antics when they smile to your face and stab you in the back: Don't go mad just go Teamster!!!

Justrobb62 said...


I'm going to leave my e-mail address on here so that if any of you fellow drivers want to e-mail me you can. Now that I’m no longer a fellow employee I’m still not going to give up on my fellow employees. There is another meeting at the union hall on Saturday may 31 st, at 1:00pm. I want all the fed ex drivers here in Tacoma, Seattle, and Everett to be there. You all need the union, now more than ever. If not then you’re at the mercy of this company. I'm going to be there to explain what happen to me and answer any questions I can. And to Rudy and all the other drivers with questions my personal e-mail address is I do hope you all won't give up on your company. Thx ! Robb. GO UNION !!!!!