Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Con-Way Closures ..

Con-Way will be closing 2 terminals in southern calif. this week. Indio and Vista Ca.
The economy is hitting hard and is affecting not only union companies but also non-union companies. But when work is available at a union co. members are called back to work by senority before hiring new people off the street. Non- union companies don't have to call you back.



Anonymous said...

Any news if Fedex Freight plans to close down or are they just eliminating our benefits for us full time dock workers?

Anonymous said...

how many union trucking companies are in CA??

Anonymous said...

Today I parked next to James Meyer. I put a Union Yes placard on the front window of my car and when I came out of work to leave my mirror on the passenger side was pushed in moving the mirror toward the driver's side window of my car. This is just some more anti Union harassment from James Meyer.