Sunday, November 2, 2008

The FedEx Watch Dogs ....

In this era at FedEx Frt, there is no more motivation. Our managers are trained more to push on negative consequences. They are so eager to punish and push the seniority out of FedEx Frt. Harrison Arkansas is no friend of labor. We all know that Farrin’s objective is to find negative consequences, especially Greg Faith, Andy Lessin and Johnny Leyva. They intimidate and put fear in our co-workers and by doing this, our co-workers stop being motivated and develop hatred. So now we must organize and bring positive consequences . Some of us have been with Viking/FedEx for over 10 to 30 years. Now if we have been with this company for so long, we must be doing the Right thing. Now is the Right time to bring the Teamsters, why? because we could balance positive consequences. We need the Teamsters to protect our Rights. Harrison Arkansas have's a low tolerance on human errors, weather you are an employer or employee. We need
to have some leverage now .Before you judge the Teamsters, come to a meeting and hear and see the positive side. Then you could do your homework. Don't let FedEx decide for you. You have a strong mind. The Teamsters never force you to join. If you want to work and live better, think union, because you and your co-workers are the union and a giant think tank!..


Anonymous said...

This article is interesting,to me,for two
1. One UNION company is doing
2. One UNION company is doing
Why? One,YRC,has tremendous DEBT
LOAD from its purchase of other carriers.
The other is DEBT
Why the difference?
ABF is running mean and lean while YRC is on an
ego trip expenditure wise.
Soooooo,the next time you run into a negative
about how the unions drive companies out of business give them a copy of this


Anonymous said...

This new post hit it right in the bulls eye, from a manager side you employees are going to need a union. Instead of learning how to stop this organizing campaign, we must be educated in dealing with union activities, and from this point it looks like this unionizing drive isn't going to stop... Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The reason that Fedex tries to run people down is that so workers will take the abuse and since workers are berated so much they tend to not look for another job. It is a psychological ploy from upper management and by upper I don't mean the Russ Flecks or Andy Lessins. I mean the people from back east. Andy and Russ probably don't know what they are doing to their employees they just follow orders after all they have families too and they just want to secure their jobs. This psychological ploy makes employees afraid of their superiors which is just what Fedex wants. This way employees don't want to speak out while their benefits get taken away and the employees don't want to muster up enough courage to go to a Union meeting. By Jan. 1 all full time dockworkers will be part time mark my words it is all part of an agenda by the folks back east not the economy that is just their excuse.

Anonymous said...

It's good Obama won the presidency and now hopefully the Employee Free Choice Act will get passed. No more of the Fred Smith good ol' boy network. Obama will help Hoffa get the Union in Fedex.

Anonymous said...

Mike C at WHT is at it again. He is asking drivers about their interest in the Union. It seems as if this guy is just living to harass other drivers about Union activity. This is the same person who tried to terminate an employee for going to Union meetings.

frankiez said...

"Our People Make the Difference",or some such message about how Fedex values their employees.
Well the guys who manned the oars on the slave galleys made a difference.without them the ship merely bobbed in the water.Management wasn't capable of rowing the ship.
The slaves in the south were absolutely critical for picking the cotton,if cotton was to remain,"King" in the southern economy.
Don't have written records but drawings indicate that whips were used to motivate the employees that built the pyramids in Egypt.In relatively recent times child labor was the key to success during the industrial revolution."Sweat Shops" were their name.Thus their people were also critical.And, they still exist in 3rd world countries.
None of us ,I venture to guess,would want to participate in any of the above mentioned industries/labor.
The people absolutely made a difference and were the key to success.Yet they fought for CHANGE to improve their condition.
WHY?Simple.THE WAY THEY WERE TREATED.Didn't want forced labor or slavery.Didn't want to work for substandard wages or working conditions.
Wanted to be treated with DIGNITY and Respect.
Wanted to be compensated FAIRLY for the job they did.
Wanted to provide for their families-just like the industry leaders do.
Yes, Mr Smith,your people DO make the difference but you want to have them exist in conditions similar to those enumerated above.
of course you can't replicate those conditions exactly but you are trying,that's for sure.
So yes,we the PEOPLE,do make a difference.The question is:are we going to be treated and compensated like indentured servants or worse slaves or are we going to STAND UP for ourselves and fight to to be treated and compensated fairly.
The answer lies with you.
If you don't join the struggle enjoy your fate.

Anonymous said...

"The question is:are we going to be treated and compensated like indentured servants or worse slaves or are we going to STAND UP for ourselves and fight to to be treated and compensated fairly.
The answer lies with you.
If you don't join the struggle enjoy your fate."

Nicely done!