Thursday, January 1, 2009

Teamsters Organize 40,000 workers in 2008

Union Reaches Goal Early, Achieves Biggest Organizing Year in Decades
November 26, 2008

UPS Freight: More than 120 local unions under the leadership of International Vice President Ken Hall, in partnership with the Parcel and Freight Divisions and Organizing Department, organized 12,000 drivers and dockworkers. These former Overnite Freight workers became Teamsters thanks to an organizing rights agreement negotiated with UPS.

Canadian National Rail: Earlier this year, Teamsters Canada added 3,200 workers at Canadian National Rail.

School Bus and Transit workers at private and public organizations, including First Student, First Transit, MV Transportation and STA were organized this year as part of “Drive Up Standards”, the Teamsters’ National School Bus and Transit Campaign. Over 40 Teamster locals have organized more than 8,700 workers so far this year, bringing the total for the campaign to more than 14,000 workers organized since the campaign began in May 2006.

United Airlines mechanics: 8,600 United Airlines mechanics would not have won Teamster representation without the support of seven key airline locals and the Airline Division.

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frankiez said...

My opinion only,I see a resurgance of the LABOR movement in the United States.
Management,with its obvoius ineptness coupled with insatiable GREED is making it happen.
When they can't get the politicians to rescue them-adequately-they turn to Labor to help rescue them.
How? Wage/Benefit concessions,that,in most cases will never be replaced.And, if so grudgingly.
Then once everything returns to normal-the cycle starts all over again-they start dumping on labor as the reason they can't make a profit.
I've always had a philosophy that has been proven true time and time again.
If you have something of value someone else wants it.YOU don't even have to place a value on it,may even take it for granted e. g.adequate wages,health benefits,employment status,etc,etc,etc.
SOMEONE wants to take it away from you.
Witness what has happened at Fedex Freight since July,2008.
Once again my philosophy proven true.

Anonymous said...

With the Obama administration coming in hopefully Fedex will be organized more quickly. Good luck gentlemen and women.