Monday, February 16, 2009


For our FedEx employee’s in the private sector. If we were to have a collective bargaining agreement, this would be an applicable contract. The bible is the CBA. Employees in the private sector are considered at-will employees. As such, protections against discipline and termination are found in the negotiated CBA, i.e. requiring just cause for discipline. Additional protections are found in federal and state laws which prohibit discrimination and retaliation for protected activities.

Don’t let management harass, retaliate, verbally or physically in your efforts to organize FedEx. The NRLB are just a phone call away!

Joe,Rudy and The FedEx Watch Dogs


Anonymous said...

I just want management to be held accountable!! We get 2 breaks and a lunch, Paul Freyre and Greg Faith stand outside smoking and holding hands 20 times a day!!!

Anonymous said...

That must be why management doesn't want the union in there, they'll immediately cut back on red-shirt smoke breaks!!!


Anonymous said...

that cant be true i think your lying

Anonymous said...

its true lol!